4 Blockchain Projects You Should Know About in 2019

24th July 2019

Here at Coinmama, we often find ourselves focusing so much on cryptocurrency—after all, our business is to help you buy Bitcoin—that we forget that crypto relies on the amazing technology of Blockchain in order to make it happen. Every so often though, we’re reminded—as we were this morning when we saw that the New York Times plans to use Blockchain to combat fake news. That got us thinking, what else is happening these days in the world of Blockchain? Turns out, quite a bit! In honor of the technology that makes it possible to buy Bitcoin (and spend it, but not double spend it), here are the Blockchain projects we think you should know about in 2019.

Blockchain Projects 2019


4 Blockchain projects we’re excited about right now


  1. The News Provenance Project. Even the savviest and critical reader has fallen victim to fake news at one point or another (on both sides of the political aisle), and if you try to trace a story back to its roots, you’ll see how quickly fake news develops like a terrible game of news Telephone. The News Provenance Project is the one the New York Times is behind, and as the name implies, it aims to show the provenance of news articles, photos, and other media, and to create greater transparency around the origins of stories.


  1. Voatz. This Coinmama has been voting since the days of hanging chads—long enough to know that unreliable vote counts have been happening since before both Russian meddling and Blockchain. (This Coinmama happens to vote in the United States.) Enter Voatz, which is aiming to make voting both safer and more accessible through a Blockchain backed mobile app. Utah has become the latest US state to agree to test it out. If it does what it says it does, it could be a game-changer not only in fighting voter fraud, but also in fighting voter suppression.


  1. Aura. Copycat Louis Vuittons were the fake luxury handbags of choice in the early aughts, found sold on street corners in most major cities. It should come as no surprise then that LVMH, the company’s parent group, is behind the Aura platform, which aims to authenticate luxury goods. We’re not sure if that means no more fakes, or just no more falling for fakes, but we are sure it’s set to disrupt the luxury goods industry.

  1. Fundament. The link between Blockchain and real estate is nothing new—after all deeds, real estate contracts, and sales are the things smart contracts dream of. What is new is Fundament, a German real estate company that was just approved for a $280 million token sale. Why is this news? ICOs (or initial coin offerings) made waves in late 2017 and early 2018 as people scrambled to get a piece of the potential action. They’re the reason more than 2000 altcoins are listed on Coinmarketcap. But they largely fell out of favor as the overwhelming majority of them failed or turned out to be scams. The approval for Fundament’s token sale could signal the return of ICOs (and potentially be a boon for Ethereum, the platform that will be behind this one).


We have to admit it’s nice to be reminded every once in a while that there’s more to Blockchain than buying Bitcoin. We’ll certainly keep an eye on these projects as more and more uses for Blockchain are unveiled.

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