How to Cash Out Bitcoin

How to Cash Out Bitcoin

In our current times of uncertainty, even the most avid Bitcoin believers know that being able to sell Bitcoin and have fiat liquidity is a must. So while the financial revolution is going strong, for those of you who need to momentarily hit pause, Coinmama wants you to know: we’re still with you.

How to Cash Out Bitcoin

Can you sell Bitcoin for cash?

Now, more than ever, your health is probably first and foremost on your mind—it is on ours too—but your finances may be a close second. With 400,000 Coronavirus cases and 17,000 deaths worldwide, we’ve entered a new reality. We’re in the midst of a new financial crisis, with mass layoffs already taking place, and some people predicting unemployment rates will hit 30%. We know that some of you may need fiat, even if it comes at the expense of the Bitcoin you’ve been HODLing. 

How to transfer Bitcoin for cash

Today, we’re making it easy to sell Bitcoin and access the fiat you need. So if you are wondering “Where do I sell my Bitcoin for cash,” look no further. Starting with our European family, we’re giving users the ability to sell up to 12,000 USD (or EUR equivalent) of Bitcoin a day with payout directly to your bank account through a SEPA bank transfer. This option will be available in the US and worldwide shortly. Sell Bitcoin with Coinmama

  1. Sign up for Coinmama, or log into your verified Coinmama account
  2. Go to and enter the Bitcoin amount you’d like to sell 
  3. Add your bank information 
  4. Transfer the Bitcoin amount from your own wallet to the wallet address provided
  5. Once the coins have been confirmed on the Blockchain, Coinmama will transfer the fiat amount to the bank account provided


Coins are liquid with Coinmama; it’s our way of extending a (remote) hand during these stressful times.

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