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    OCT 15 2019

    Bitcoin HashRate Explained (2019)

    If you follow crypto news, you might have seen reports of Bitcoin’s hashrate pushing above the 100 exahash (or 0.1 zetahash) level recently. In this article, we’ll address all these questions and more. While the topic may seem technical, it’s really not that difficult to understand.
    OCT 10 2019

    Bitcoin Tax Havens Revisited

    We explore 3 more countries that impose minimal taxation and take a lenient regulatory stance on cryptocurrency. We’ve also filtered our selections for quality of life, as most people don’t want to move to a tiny island micronation founded in disputed territory, even if it is extremely blockchain-friendly!
    OCT 07 2019

    Bitcoin News: The Bitcoin Price is Haywire

    After a period of relative stability, the Bitcoin price is once again falling. Plus, new Bitcoin and blockchain adoption and more in our Bitcoin news roundup.
    OCT 06 2019

    September 2019 Bitcoin News Summary

    In Coinmama’s September Bitcoin news summary 2019, we take a look at the Bitcoin price, crypto mining, Ethereum fees,crypto adoption, crypto trading, crime & punishment, and crypto regulations.
    OCT 03 2019

    Which Bitcoin Price Predictions Can You Trust?

    When the BTC price changes dramatically, analysts are quick to give their opinion. But which Bitcoin price predictions can you trust?
    OCT 02 2019

    Get Into the Bitcoin Fall Spirit

    October is the month of orange, so get ready for some Bitcoin fall spirit. We round up the best things to buy with Bitcoin this month and stay toasty.
    SEP 29 2019

    Bitcoin Tax Havens

    In many countries around the world, the taxman is pushing for either the implementation or stricter enforcement of a Bitcoin tax.
    SEP 25 2019

    How to Buy Bitcoin Fractions in 2019

    You don’t have to buy a whole Bitcoin at a time. Coinmama makes it easy to buy Bitcoin fractions, or pieces of BTC, and start your investment today.
    SEP 23 2019

    This Week in Bitcoin News: Steady Price, Low Volume

    The Bitcoin price is holding steady, but at what cost? We look at the Bitcoin market and more in our weekly Coinmama Bitcoin news roundup.
    SEP 22 2019

    Who Uses Bitcoin?

    While data regarding the Bitcoin price and market is readily available, what about the human element? In this article, Coinmama takes a look at who uses Bitcoin.
    SEP 19 2019

    How to Get Verified for Coinmama (Level 2)

    A verified Coinmama account is key if you want to buy Bitcoin. Learn how to get verified for a Level 2 Coinmama account and increase your purchasing power.
    SEP 18 2019

    The Best (and Worst) Countries by Bitcoin Regulations

    Some countries are friendlier than others if you want to buy Bitcoin. We take a look at the best—and worst—countries by Bitcoin regulation
    SEP 16 2019

    This week in Bitcoin: Is Libra Hanging on by a Thread?

    The Bitcoin price is holding steady this week, with only a few dips, while France is lax on Bitcoin taxes, but not on Libra, plus more in our Bitcoin news roundup.
    SEP 15 2019

    Bitcoin Whales That Will Make You Jealous

    What is a Bitcoin Whale? Coinmama looks at holders of large amounts of crypto, most of whom were smart enough to buy Bitcoin in its early days. We’re jealous too!
    SEP 10 2019

    4 Bitcoin Wallets We Love in 2019

    Storing your coins properly is one of the most important when you buy Bitcoin. We take a look at 4 Bitcoin wallets that are killing it in 2019.
    SEP 09 2019

    Weekly Bitcoin News Roundup: Bitcoin Whales

    It was a Bitcoin whale of a week with a lot of BTC moving hands. We take a look at the top stories in this week’s Coinmama news roundup.
    SEP 08 2019

    Is Bitcoin Halal in Islam? Yes, and Now Ethereum is Too

    Is Bitcoin Halal in Islam? Last year the question of “Is Bitcoin Halal” was answered. Ethereum has now also been declared Halal, bringing good news to those who want to buy Ethereum.
    SEP 04 2019

    Coinmama August 2019 Bitcoin News Summary

    In Coinmama’s August Bitcoin news summary, we take a look at the Bitcoin price, crypto crime & punishment, and new industry regulations.
    SEP 02 2019

    This Week in Crypto: Will Bitcoin Summer Last?

    In this week’s Coinmama crypto news roundup, we look at the Bitcoin price, the latest developments in the Craig Wright case, and what’s new with Overstock
    SEP 01 2019

    Why Bitcoin Dominance is Important

    Is it better to buy Bitcoins or altcoins, and which is stronger? Coinmama helps you better understand the crypto market better with this article on Bitcoin dominance.
    AUG 29 2019

    5 Times Bitcoin Died: the BTC Obituary

    Since its inception, naysayers have declared Bitcoin as dead, even as the Bitcoin price continues in a general upward trend. We take a look at BTC obituaries.
    AUG 28 2019

    Do These Blockchain Projects Mark the ICO’s Return?

    The ICO funded blockchain projects in 2017 and got people to buy Ethereum, but it also mostly failed. But are these projects signaling the ICOs return?
    AUG 27 2019

    Are Bitcoin ATMs Safe?

    One way to buy Bitcoin instantly is to use a BTM. But are Bitcoin ATMs safe? Coinmama explores the pros and cons of the orange machines.
    AUG 26 2019

    Coinmama Crypto News: Will Litecoin Remain Profitable?

    This week, Coinmama takes a look at the Bitcoin price, new directions in Bitcoin adoption, and whether Litecoin will remain profitable after the halving
    AUG 25 2019

    How to Get Verified for a Coinmama Account (Level 1)

    Before you can buy Bitcoin online, you need to get verified for a Coinmama account. Here we’ll explain why we verify our accounts and how to get verified.
    AUG 22 2019

    3 Reasons to Love Your Bitcoin Calculator

    Why do we love our Bitcoin calculator and cryptocurrency calculator? These Coinmama price tools help you make smart decisions about when to buy cryptocurrency.
    AUG 21 2019

    5 Bitcoin Movies to Watch This Weekend

    Whether you’re new to Bitcoin or a seasoned pro, these Bitcoin movies will help you better understand what crypto is all about, from its origins to its future.
    AUG 19 2019

    Coinmama News Roundup: The Return of the ICO?

    In this week’s Coinmama Bitcoin news roundup, we take a look at the recent Bitcoin price, new crypto regulations, and how ICOs are making a surprising comeback.
    AUG 18 2019

    3 Ways to Buy Bitcoin Instantly (2019 Updated)

    3 proven and trusted ways to buy bitcoin instantly. Sometimes having your coins fast is important. In this guide, Coinmama takes a look at some of the various methods available to buy Bitcoin instantly.
    AUG 15 2019

    What the Litecoin Halving Means for You

    What happens when a cryptocurrency “halves”? Coinmama looks at the Litecoin halving, and how it affects you, whether you buy Litecoin or other coins.
    AUG 14 2019

    The Best Bitcoin Clothing to Show Off Your BTC Love

    Can you call yourself a BTC believer simply if you buy Bitcoin? We think true crypto enthusiasm takes more—and this Bitcoin clothing will help get you there.
    AUG 13 2019

    Buy Bitcoin with Faster Payments, only in the UK

    Buy Bitcoin online directly from your bank account with Faster Payments. 0% processing fee, coins in as little as ten minutes, only for Coinmama UK users.
    AUG 12 2019

    A Slow Week for Crypto News Means a Steady Bitcoin Price

    Coinmama takes a look at the Bitcoin price, recent scams, and current cryptocurrency regulations in this week’s Bitcoin news roundup.
    AUG 11 2019

    Buy Bitcoin in India with Coinmama (2019)

    Want to buy Bitcoin in India? Coinmama shows you how! Get verified for an account and place your order. Learn how to buy cryptocurrency in India step-by step
    AUG 08 2019

    What is Cardano (ADA)?

    What is Cardano (ADA)? Cardano is home to the Ada cryptocurrency and lets you send and receive digital cash. In its series on altcoins, Coinmama takes a look at what is Cardano (ADA), including its history, the ADA price, and how to buy Cardano.
    AUG 07 2019

    What is Qtum (QTUM)?

    In this article, Coinmama takes a look at what is QTUM, including its price, history, how it differs from other cryptocurrencies, and how to buy QTUM.
    AUG 06 2019

    6 Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin Right Now

    It’s easy to buy Bitcoin online, but how easy is it to shop with Bitcoin? Easier than you’d think. Here are 6 things you can buy with BTC in 2019.
    AUG 05 2019

    Coinmama News Roundup: Bitcoin’s Back!

    The Bitcoin price is up, as is adoption. Meanwhile it’s illegal to buy Bitcoin in Iran, but mining it is ok. Coinmama looks at the week’s Bitcoin news stories.
    AUG 04 2019

    5 People Who Might Be Bitcoin Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto

    Who is Satoshi Nakamoto, the man who invented Bitcoin? We take a look at the people who might be him, and those who need to buy Bitcoin, just like us.
    AUG 01 2019

    July 2019 Bitcoin News: The time to buy Cryptocurrency?

    July showed signs of Bitcoin slowing down—but is it still a good time to buy Cryptocurrency? Coinmama looks at last month’s stories in our news roundup.
    JUL 31 2019

    What is Ethereum Classic (ETC)?

    What is Ethereum Classic (ETC) and how is it different from ETH? Coinmama looks at the coin’s history, the ETC price, and how to buy Ethereum Classic.
    JUL 30 2019

    Hodl or Spend: Can Bitcoin Survive Without Both?

    Coinmama learned that 70% of people who buy Bitcoin are holding it as an investment. What is the future of Bitcoin if we’re not using it as a currency?
    JUL 29 2019

    Bitcoin News Roundup: What’s Craig Wright HODLing?

    In this week’s Bitcoin news roundup, Coinmama looks at the Bitcoin price, why people buy Bitcoin, the Craig Wright case, and more.
    JUL 28 2019

    Have you paid your Bitcoin taxes yet?

    The IRS is reminding people that if they buy cryptocurrency, they should expect to pay Bitcoin taxes. What are cryptocurrency taxes and do you need to pay them?
    JUL 25 2019

    What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

    If you’re a newcomer to crypto, you probably first heard about Bitcoin (BTC) before discovering that another prominent coin is called Bitcoin Cash (BCH). So what is Bitcoin Cash? While it sure sounds a lot like BTC, and even has a similar logo and color scheme, BCH is in fact an entirely separate and distinct cryptocurrency.
    JUL 25 2019

    What is Ripple (XRP)?

    Coinmama asks, what is Ripple (XRP)? We look at how it differs from traditional cryptocurrencies, the Ripple price history, and how to buy XRP.
    JUL 24 2019

    4 Blockchain Projects You Should Know About in 2019

    In honor of the technology that makes it possible to buy Bitcoin (and spend it, but not double spend it), here are 4 Blockchain projects we think you should know about in 2019.
    JUL 22 2019

    Bitcoin News: Is a BTC ban possible?

    Is Bitcoin price volatility the new normal? Recent weeks seem to indicate it is. We look at how buying Bitcoin affects the market, as well as Bitcoin bans on the horizon.
    JUL 18 2019

    What is Ethereum (ETH) and How Does it Work?

    Ethereum (ETH) is the second-ranked cryptocurrency best known for smart contracts. But what is Ethereum, how does it work, and how do you buy ETH?
    JUL 17 2019

    6 Bitcoin Trading Tips for Beginners

    Step one to investing in crypto: buy Bitcoin. But now what? Read Coinmama's Bitcoin trading tips for beginners and learn how to better buy, trade, and hodl.
    JUL 16 2019

    What is Litecoin (LTC)?

    What is Litecoin (LTC)? Coinmama looks at how Litecoin works, Litecoin vs Bitcoin and the similarities between the two cryptocurrencies, and how to buy Litecoin
    JUL 15 2019

    This week in Bitcoin News: Trump Hates Crypto

    From price volatility to twitter volatility plus adoption and crime, we take a look at the biggest Bitcoin news stories in this week's Coinmama news roundup
    JUL 14 2019

    Is Using a Bitcoin Exchange Safe?

    It’s easy to buy Bitcoin (BTC) on an exchange, but is it worth the risk? We take a look at what exactly crypto exchanges are, how they work, and how you can protect yourself and your investment when you buy Bitcoin.
    JUL 11 2019

    5 Most Important Cryptocurrencies (Besides Bitcoin)

    When most people enter the crypto market for the first time, they buy Bitcoin—after all, it’s the best-known cryptocurrency, with the strongest market dominance. But what if you’re looking to diversify your crypto portfolio? This article examines at some of the most important altcoins.
    JUL 10 2019

    Earn Free Bitcoin? Coinmama Teaches You How.

    We all know there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but what about free Bitcoin? The answer to that question is decidedly more complicated.
    JUL 08 2019

    A Tamer Week for BTC as the Bitcoin Price Steadies

    Following a week of extreme volatility, this past week people were markedly less eager to buy Bitcoin. How did this manifest itself? We take a look in our Coinmama weekly roundup.
    JUL 07 2019

    Bitcoin Scams to Watch Out For

    Here at Coinmama, we’ve unfortunately seen more people than we’d like buy Bitcoins (BTC) only to discover that they’ve been the victim of a scam. So how do you protect your investment and ensure that when you buy Bitcoins they stay in your hands? We take a look at why cryptocurrency is so susceptible to scamming, what some of the most common Bitcoin scams are, and how you can avoid being a victim of one.
    JUL 04 2019

    How You Can Add to the Bitcoin Value

    As a Bitcoin user, you might be wondering if there’s anything you can do personally to add to Bitcoin’s value… And the answer is a resounding yes! While you might not be able to shift the Bitcoin price, there are plenty of things you can do to add to the overall Bitcoin value.
    JUL 03 2019

    Coinmama June 2019 Bitcoin News Summary

    June was a great month to buy Bitcoin, as the BTC price rose steadily. We cover markets, crypto adoption, regulation, and more in Coinmama’s monthly news summary.
    JUL 02 2019

    Introducing Coinmama’s Bitcoin Price Calculator

    Coinmama is excited to introduce our new crypto price tools, the Coinmama Bitcoin Price Calculator, Ethereum Price Calculator, and Cryptocurrency Calculators, allowing you to convert crypto to fiat rates instantly to the currency of your choice with price updates every sixty seconds.
    JUL 01 2019

    A Wild Week for BTC as the Bitcoin Price Swings

    It was, without question, a wild week for Bitcoin—and a wild week for people who buy Bitcoin. How wild? At Coinmama we couldn’t keep our eyes off the prices. We take a look at all that and more...
    JUN 27 2019

    Understanding Bitcoin (BTC) vs. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

    If you’re new to cryptocurrency, your first move will probably be to buy Bitcoin (BTC). However, when you arrive on the exchange, you’ll likely be confronted with two versions of Bitcoin: the one you expected to find, and an alternative called Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Should you buy Bitcoin (BTC) or buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and what exactly is the difference?
    JUN 27 2019

    Before You Buy Cryptocurrency… Understand How It Works!

    The first time you buy cryptocurrency can be exhilarating—particularly when prices are soaring! However, it’s always best to start out in a calm and collected manner. Taking the time to understand things before making any big moves will ensure that you avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary confusion. This guide covers some of the most essential and practical aspects of cryptocurrency.
    JUN 26 2019

    How to Sell Bitcoin (BTC) If You’re Ready to Stop Hodling

    At some point in every crypto investor’s life, there comes a time to sell Bitcoin (BTC). Markets are finicky (when it comes to the Bitcoin market, we’d even say volatile), and there’s no knowing when the next spike or drop will be. Coinmama can provide you with the tools to sell Bitcoin. After all, if you do decide to sell, you need to be prepared.
    JUN 25 2019

    How to buy Cardano (ADA Coin) in 2019?

    Coinmama makes it easy to buy cryptocurrency, so to continue our love letter to altcoins, today we’re taking an up close and personal look at Cardano (ADA coin), with a spotlight at the project behind it and how to buy Cardano with Coinmama.
    JUN 24 2019

    How to Buy Ethereum and Other Cryptocurrency (2019 Updated)

    It’s easy to buy Bitcoin online, but what if you want to buy Ethereum or another coin? Cryptocurrency is so much more than just Bitcoin. In fact, if you look at the cryptocurrency rankings, you’ll find more than 2000 coins. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of altcoins, the altcoins Coinmama carries, and how to buy cryptocurrency such as Ethereum.
    JUN 23 2019

    How to Buy Bitcoin Online with Coinmama in 2019

    With Coinmama, users in 190 countries and territories worldwide and in 40 US states can buy Bitcoin online in just a few easy steps. Simply register with Coinmama, verify your account, and buy. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of how to buy Bitcoin with Coinmama step-by-step, from registration to receiving your coins.
    JUN 20 2019

    Learn How BTC is Valued Before You Buy Bitcoin

    How can you tell when Bitcoin is fairly valued, when it’s cheap, and when it’s expensive? These are critical questions to answer for anyone looking to buy Bitcoin, to hold it, or to sell it. In this article, we’ll discuss an approach to figuring out what the Bitcoin price “should” be. This article’s purpose isn’t to convince anyone to buy Bitcoin, but rather to assist them in determining what BTC price represents fair value.
    JUN 19 2019

    Blockchain Books You Must Read Before You Buy Bitcoin

    Blockchain books? If you buy Bitcoin (BTC) regularly, chances are you’re interested in more than just the Bitcoin price at the moment… for true Bitcoin believers, crypto isn’t just a purchase, it’s a way of life. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best Bitcoin and blockchain books to read this summer.
    JUN 18 2019

    5 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Buying Bitcoin

    Compared to the early years, modern Bitcoiners have a lot of options in terms of getting Bitcoin. The only downside to the current situation is that as the popularity and ease of Bitcoin rose, so did its price, and it’s no longer possible to buy Bitcoin for under $100, or even $1000! Bitcoin’s former inaccessibility isn’t the only surprising fact for someone new to the Bitcoin market. Here are 5 more surprising facts about buying Bitcoin.
    JUN 17 2019

    Buy Bitcoin Anonymously? It’s Complicated…

    If you’re looking to buy Bitcoin anonymously today, can you? And more importantly, should you? To answer that, Coinmama looks at the origins of Bitcoin, the rise of regulations, and the various methods that exist to buy cryptocurrency right now.
    JUN 16 2019

    Buying Bitcoin? 4 tips to Keep your Bitcoin Investment Safe

    Investments are risky no matter what they’re in. But protecting your Bitcoin investment comes with its own set of rules. How do you stay safe when you buy Bitcoin online? And how do you keep your Bitcoin safe once you’ve bought it? Coinmama has 4 tips to get you started.
    JUN 13 2019

    10 Reasons to Buy Cryptocurrency with Coinmama

    At Coinmama, we understand that when you go to buy cryptocurrency, you have choices. It’s why we come to work every day with the goal of making Coinmama the best place to buy cryptocurrency online. Here are ten reasons why take pride in our work.
    JUN 12 2019

    When to Buy Bitcoin: A History of Bitcoin Market Cycles

    It’s been possible to buy Bitcoin for an entire decade now, and while that’s an eye-blink compared to traditional assets like gold or even stocks, it’s certainly long enough to establish a solid historical price record. We identify and analyze the rhyming or cyclical price patterns that make up the Bitcoin market.
    JUN 11 2019

    New to Cryptocurrency? Five Things to Know Before You Buy Bitcoin Online

    The staying power of crypto has been proven in recent months, as Bitcoin dipped for most of 2018 and into early 2019, before starting an impressive rally at the beginning of April. For people who didn’t buy Bitcoin in the first spike, this rally may be all that’s needed to get a toe or a foot in the door of cryptocurrency. If you’re looking to join the early majority and buy Bitcoin online for the first time, here are five things you should know.
    JUN 10 2019

    Understanding the Role of Stablecoins When You Buy Bitcoin

    Bitcoin is famous for its volatility, routinely moving more in a day than traditional stocks do in a month. So if you buy Bitcoin, how do you make sure you protect your assets? One answer is stablecoins.
    JUN 06 2019

    May 2019 News: Everyone Wants to Buy Cryptocurrency

    May continued the bullish trend that began in April, as people rushed to buy cryptocurrency. Read on for more May 2019 cryptocurrency news, including adoptions, restrictions, and fun facts.
    JUN 04 2019

    4 Easy Ways to Buy Bitcoin

    While it was once difficult to buy BTC, these days it’s easier than ever, with options to buy Bitcoin with credit card, bank transfer, or even to cash readily available. Whether you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrency for the first time, or just to grow your crypto portfolio, below are four easy ways to buy Bitcoin:
    MAY 27 2019

    Coinmama Adds Payment by GBP, AUD, and CAD

    We’re pleased to announce that Coinmama users can now buy cryptocurrency and pay by Great British Pound (GBP), Australian Dollar (AUD), or Canadian Dollar (CAD), in addition to our previously accepted fiat currencies of Euro and US Dollar.
    MAY 22 2019

    Celebrating Nine Years of (Really Expensive) Bitcoin Pizza

    May 22nd, better known as Bitcoin Pizza Day, has become a tradition. It marks the first time Bitcoin was used to buy goods, when in 2010 Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 Bitcoin for two Papa John’s pizzas. In honor of the ninth annual Bitcoin Pizza Day, we’re taking a look at the hot cheesy numbers to see just how much the BTC to PJP (that’s Papa John’s Pizza) price has changed over the years.
    MAY 21 2019

    How to Shop with Bitcoin

    Bitcoin has spent most of the last week at above $8000, which for many people means a fuller (digital) piggybank and a reason to treat oneself. If you’re looking for a little pampering, you have several options for how to shop with Bitcoin. From converting your Bitcoin to cash to hitting stores that accept Bitcoin, we’ll break down the easiest and fastest ways to shop with Bitcoin.
    MAY 19 2019

    Buy Ethereum with Bank Transfer

    Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap and trading volume. This is a really impressive achievement, considering that there are over 2,000 competing cryptocurrencies. Even more impressive is that Ethereum only launched in July of 2015, around 6 years after the launch of Bitcoin, and also several years after the release of close rivals like XRP and Litecoin.
    MAY 14 2019

    April 2019 News Summary

    April proved to be an excellent month for cryptocurrency markets, certainly the most bullish month of 2019 thus far. A high volume price spike, which occurred just after April Fool’s Day, was confirmed as genuine demand when prices held this elevated level throughout the month and into May. Read on for the latest news roundup.
    MAY 09 2019

    Coinmama Adds Worldwide Purchase by Bank Transfer

    We’re excited to announce the addition of SWIFT bank transfers as a new payment option for Coinmama users, along with lower fees and higher daily spending limits. Last summer we introduced buying crypto by bank transfer to our European customers with SEPA bank accounts. Today, we’re expanding that option to our users worldwide through SWIFT transfers.
    MAY 02 2019

    What is Bitcoin Maximalism?

    If you’re active on any crypto-related social media platforms, particularly Twitter, there’s a good chance you’ll have encountered the term “Bitcoin maximalist.” This somewhat-loaded term is usually aimed at zealous Bitcoin supporters, often by equally-zealous altcoin supporters. But what constitutes a Bitcoin maximalist?
    APR 29 2019

    Bitcoin’s Price History in Q1 2019

    A brief summary of Bitcoin’s price history over the past couple of years would be: amazing in 2017, terrible in 2018. The question on everyone’s mind is of course “how will Bitcoin’s price perform in 2019?” While nobody can answer this question with any certainty until the start of January 2020, early signs from the first quarter are encouraging.
    APR 24 2019

    Where to Sell Bitcoin in the UK

    This article covers the topic of selling Bitcoin, with an eye to the special conditions which exist in the United Kingdom.
    APR 18 2019

    Where to Sell Bitcoin

    In this article, we’re going to consider the relative merits of the various venues for selling Bitcoins, either online or offline. We’ll focus on security, as this should always be the primary consideration.
    APR 15 2019

    March 2019 News Summary

    In like a lion, out like a lamb proved true for crypto in March, which started in the midst of Crypto Winter and ended ushering in Crypto Spring. Coinmama's Bitcoin News for March 2019 recaps the most important crypto stories last month.
    APR 07 2019

    How to Sell Bitcoin for Cash

    There are two main ways to sell your coins for cash and both take place offline. You can either sell your coins to a person or to a two way Bitcoin ATM (“BTM”), which both buys and sells bitcoins. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of selling Bitcoin for cash. We’ll also provide some tips on the best ways of doing so.
    APR 02 2019

    How to Sell Bitcoin

    Buying and selling cryptocurrency are two sides of the same coin. While there are more options available for buying Bitcoin, there is certainly no shortage of ways to sell them. This article discusses two major topics: The multiple ways in which you can sell your Bitcoins. And how to get the best price for your coins when you decide to sell them.
    APR 01 2019

    Coinmama launches Mamacoin

    At Coinmama we believe that, much like our children, crypto is the future. That’s why we’ve created Mamacoin, a visionary in today's crypto market.
    MAR 21 2019

    How to Choose a Strong Password

    A strong password is your first step in protecting your online information and accounts. And with so much of our lives existing online these days, including highly personal information like our financial records and medical data, proper protection is more important than ever. When creating a password, here are some DOs and DON'Ts to choosing a strong one.
    MAR 19 2019

    Introducing Your New Home to Sell Bitcoin

    We’re excited to announce that starting this week, Coinmama is your new home to sell Bitcoin. Since 2013, 1.5 million people in 200 countries, territories, and states around the world have known Coinmama as the fast and easy way to buy Bitcoin. We’re looking forward to making Coinmama your place to sell Bitcoin as well.
    MAR 11 2019

    Bitcoin Experts

    A complete understanding of Bitcoin requires the comprehensive understanding of these interlocking disciplines; something which is probably beyond the ability of any single human. Fortunately, the Bitcoin community has no shortage of knowledgeable specialists, who combine their technical expertise for the good of the remarkable system that is Bitcoin. Some of these experts also share their knowledge and views with the public, so paying attention to them is a great way to learn more about Bitcoin.
    FEB 20 2019

    Important update from Coinmama

    On Sunday, February 17, we learned that an unauthorized party acquired data associated with 1.4 million Coinmama accounts. This information follows our internal investigation into a large breach that has affected 30 companies and 841 million users.
    FEB 19 2019

    Testing the Bitcoin waters? Buy MilliBit.

    MilliBit, also known as mBTC, is a fraction of a Bitcoin. One thousandth, or 0.001, of a Bitcoin to be exact. Its price as of this writing? An extremely attainable $3.64. But why should you buy MilliBit?
    FEB 17 2019

    How to Transfer Bitcoin to Bank Account

    Every so often at Coinmama, we get a question that makes us scratch our heads, rethink how we explain things, and go back to Bitcoin basics. Recently that question was “Can you tell me how to transfer Bitcoin to bank account?”
    FEB 15 2019

    Account security FAQ

    To reset your password, go to the Recover Password page, enter the email address of your Coinmama account and click the confirmation link in the email we send you. We recommend a unique password with 8 characters or more, preferably with both upper-case and lower-case letters.
    FEB 15 2019

    Important message about Coinmama account security

    Important message about Coinmama account security - February 15, 2019
    FEB 11 2019

    This year, celebrate Galentine’s Day with Bitcoin!

    Coinmama planned a Bitcoin Galentine’s Day celebration, but don’t worry guys, you can steal our ideas and plan the perfect Bitcoin Valentine’s Day too.
    FEB 07 2019

    January 2019 News Summary

    While crypto prices were pretty stable in January, there was no such stability in the crypto industry. There were two distinct trends visible from the slew of events reported in January. One; many crypto companies are succumbing to the pressures of the ongoing bear market. Two; the fundamental value of the stronger cryptocurrencies is rising steadily, as measured by technical development, user adoption, and business investment.
    FEB 04 2019

    Coinmama Expands in the US!

    Coinmama is growing in the United States. We’re excited to welcome several new US states to our 1.3 million-strong global community.
    FEB 03 2019

    Bitcoin in 2019 - What Can We Expect?‎

    As we plan out what we want to achieve in 2019, the subject of our finances naturally arises. How should we allocate our investments this year? Will traditional markets decline, as many are predicting? And will the Bitcoin price recover this year?
    JAN 31 2019

    Cold Snap! (Bitcoin’s Biggest Price Drops)

    Is it a crypto winter or just a cold snap? Coinmama takes a look at Bitcoin price drops throughout the cryptocurrency’s ten year history.
    JAN 23 2019

    We Planned Your Super Bowl Party Using Only Bitcoin

    At Coinmama we challenged ourselves to plan a Super Bowl party using only Bitcoin. The result? Touchdown! (It was surprisingly easy to do.)
    JAN 21 2019

    The Best Crypto Podcasts

    Podcasts are a great way to stay informed regarding crypto. In this article, we’re going to point out what to look for when choosing a good podcast, and also make some recommendations.
    JAN 16 2019

    Buy Bitcoin Instantly

    Is it Possible to Buy Bitcoin Instantly? ‎Yes, it’s a breeze if you already have an account setup and funded with a business that allows Bitcoin ‎trading. For example, if you have a verified account with Coinmama, then you can buy bitcoin (BTC) from ‎us with your credit or debit card, and have your coins within 20 minutes or less.
    JAN 13 2019

    Bitcoin Art That Will Inspire you in 2019

    Like with crypto itself, the best time to get crypto art is before it’s hot. That’s true whether you’re a long-time crypto enthusiast or are taking advantage of the dip in the market to buy for the first time; whether you want artwork that reflects our changing times, or simply something to adorn your walls and show that you’re a Bitcoin believer.
    JAN 03 2019

    How to Buy Satoshi

    One of the common myths about Bitcoin is that it’s too expensive to buy any, now that price has risen into the range of thousands of Dollars. While it’s true that a whole bitcoin (or 1 BTC) has become very valuable, what the myth fails to address is that it’s entirely possible to buy fractional amounts of bitcoin.
    JAN 03 2019

    Bitcoin Taxes in the USA

    Most world governments do not recognize Bitcoin or crypto as legal tender, and the US is no exception. However, most governments tend to pigeonhole Bitcoin within a single, pre-existing category. This has the effect of streamlining taxation and regulation, as the rules governing that existing class are then simply applied to Bitcoin.
    JAN 01 2019

    How to Add Money to Bitcoin Wallet

    Every so often at Coinmama, we get a question that makes us scratch our heads, rethink how we explain things, and go back to Bitcoin basics. Recently that question was “Can you tell me how to add money to Bitcoin wallet?”
    JAN 01 2019

    Bitcoin Taxes in Canada

    The Government of Canada’s official website contains a section on digital and crypto-currencies. There it is stated that crypto is not considered as legal tender. This is not to say that Bitcoin is illegal - indeed Bitcoin and other forms of “virtual money” are perfectly legal to use within Canada. However, such currencies are not recognized by law as an undeniable means of payment. Only Canadian bank notes and coins are considered legal tender within Canada.
    DEC 23 2018

    Bitcoin Taxes in Australia

    In our December 17th article on Bitcoin Tax, we discussed the taxation of Bitcoin from a general and international perspective. That article covers the crypto regulatory and taxations agreement reached between major nations at the recent G20 summit in Argentina. Although the consequences of these agreements will take some time to manifest, they’ll likely alter the tax situation for Australian Bitcoiners. Forewarned is forearmed!
    DEC 19 2018

    Bitcoin Taxes in the UK

    In our previous article, we discussed the taxation in both general and international terms. That article is recommended reading for UK residents, as it touches upon the pros and cons of reporting vs. not reporting crypto activity to the taxman. The article also deals with the agreement reached between major nations at the recent G20 regarding Bitcoin regulation and taxation; changes which may eventually filter through to affect how Bitcoin is taxed in the UK.
    DEC 17 2018

    Bitcoin Tax

    Few people enjoy paying taxes. This is especially true of those libertarians and crypto-anarchists who were some of the earliest adopters of Bitcoin. In their view, states had no involvement with the creation, development, or maintenance of Bitcoin, and therefore have little right to tax it.
    DEC 09 2018

    The Bitcoin Revolution

    Technical aspects aside, the fact that Bitcoin is deflationary money in a (hyper) inflationary world is a significant departure from the norm - perhaps not fully “revolutionary” as precious metals also fulfill such a role. However, for those who got in at the right time, Bitcoin can certainly be said to have made a revolutionary change to their financial situation!
    DEC 05 2018

    Brexit and Bitcoin

    The United Kingdom is set to leave the European Union on the 29th of March 2019, under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. This would represent a significant shakeup in world affairs and, possibly, lead to increased demand for Bitcoin as a monetary alternative to the Pound and Euro.
    DEC 03 2018

    How to Open Ethereum Wallet

    ‎ If you’re interested in saving, trading, or using Ethereum, then you’re going to need an Ethereum ‎wallet. If you want to buy Ethereum from Coinmama, you’re also going to need an Ethereum wallet. ‎Really, if you want to do just about anything with Ethereum, you’ll need a good wallet.
    DEC 02 2018

    Lakshmi Cryptocurrency

    The Indian cryptocurrency ecosystem is currently in turmoil. In April of 2018, the Royal Bank of India (RBI) saw fit to forbid banks from providing services to cryptocurrency exchanges. This prohibition came into effect in July of the same year, and was subsequently upheld by India’s Supreme Court. Several Indian crypto projects, one named for the Hindu goddess of wealth and beauty, Lakshmi or Laxmi, were created in the second half of 2018.
    NOV 27 2018

    How to Buy Bitcoin Online

    This article gives a quick rundown on the most popular methods to buy bitcoins online, listing their positive and negative aspects and contrasting them against one another. If you’re looking to get hold of your first units of bitcoin, this article will help you decide on the purchase method which best fits your circumstances.
    NOV 21 2018

    Crypto Sunday is Coming This Weekend!‎

    The first ever Crypto Sunday event in history is occurring on the 25th of November, 2018. Get your coins ready for what promises to become one of the biggest annual events on the crypto calendar! Loads of special discounts will be available from the world’s top crypto-friendly businesses.
    NOV 14 2018

    Bitcoin: the Future of Money?‎

    Bitcoin certainly fits neatly into this view of the future. Although still poorly-understood, Bitcoin is widely regarded as new and advanced, and therefore regarded as an almost inevitable part of our monetary future.
    NOV 08 2018

    How to Buy Bitcoin Cash

    Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency which split off from Bitcoin (BTC) in a hard fork event which occurred on the 1st of August, 2017. Bitcoin Cash diverged from Bitcoin due to irreconcilable differences of opinion regarding Bitcoin’s approach to scaling. Bitcoin Cash proponents strongly favor on-chain scaling through the increase of block sizes.
    OCT 31 2018

    The Best Bitcoin Documentaries

    Documentaries can be a great way to learn more about a subject. Especially for a subject as complex as Bitcoin, a good documentary which presents relevant information in a compelling cinematic format, will greatly accelerate learning and recollection. If you’re interested in Bitcoin and looking to learn more about it; like how it works, its history, the people or companies involved, and so on, then we have several great documentaries to recommend!
    OCT 28 2018

    Celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day!

    Laszlo Hanyecz and Jeremy Sturdivant are unfamiliar names to most people, even to many in the crypto community. Yet Laszlo and Jeremy have the distinction of being the first men on record to respectively buy and sell a tangible, real-world asset using bitcoin. Back in 2010, the two traded bitcoins for a couple of pizzas and, in so doing, made history. That’s one small transaction for a couple of guys, one giant economic breakthrough for mankind!
    OCT 21 2018

    How to Buy Bitcoin in Germany

    German technical enthusiasts and experts have long been at the forefront of Bitcoin innovation and adoption. Since at least 2011, Berlin (and its Kreuzberg district in particular) has been renowned for its strong hacker culture. Germany has thus served as the vanguard of the Bitcoin movement across Europe - perhaps even the world. As demonstrated by recent Lightning Network hackathons held in Berlin in 2018, nothing has changed in the intervening years.
    OCT 11 2018

    How to Buy Ethereum (2019 Updated)

    Buy Ethereum with Bank Account or Transfer with Coinmama. In this article, you will learn how to buy Etheruem (ETH), the background and Ethereum wallet.
    OCT 09 2018

    How to Buy Litecoin

    This guide will walk you some of the more important facts regarding Litecoin. It covers the selection of a Litecoin wallet, for storing and spending your litecoins (LTC).We also explain how to use Coinmama to buy Litecoin, which is a really quick and easy process.
    OCT 02 2018

    Buy Bitcoin with a Bank Account

    Buying Bitcoin with a bank account differs somewhat from buying Bitcoin with credit card or debit card. You’ll get the same trusted Coinmama service either way, but there are important things to keep in mind regarding wire over plastic.
    SEP 27 2018

    How many Bitcoins are there?‎

    The short, approximate answer to this question is that there are nearly 17.275 million bitcoins (BTC) available at this time (September 2018), out of a maximum total supply of 21 million. This means that over 82% of all possible bitcoins have already been issued. The supply limit of ~21 million is expected to be reached around the year 2140, as coin issuance decreases exponentially over time.
    SEP 23 2018

    How to Secure your Bitcoin

    This guide describes the various types of Bitcoin wallets from a security perspective, allowing users to select the most appropriate wallet for their storage requirements. As a general rule, the more bitcoin (BTC) owned, the more resources should be invested in security. Our guide also covers the common types of errors and attacks which are responsible for the majority of coin losses.
    SEP 20 2018

    How to Buy Bitcoin in Ireland

    In this article, we examine the current regulatory and tax situation in Ireland, and explore some of the more significant Irish blockchain groups and projects. Thereafter, we explain exactly how our users in Ireland can purchase bitcoins (BTC) either with credit/debit card or SEPA bank transfer.
    SEP 17 2018

    How to Buy Bitcoin in the USA

    In this article, we examine the current regulatory and tax situation in America. Thereafter, we explain how Americans can purchase bitcoins (BTC), using any credit or debit card issued by either VISA or MasterCard.
    SEP 06 2018

    How to Buy Bitcoin in Russia

    If you’re in Russia and looking to get involved in Bitcoin in the quickest and easiest way possible, this guide covers all the essential information regarding Bitcoin taxes and regulations in your country. This guide also explains how to use your any credit or debit card issued by either VISA or MasterCard to buy Bitcoin with Rubles in less than half an hour.
    SEP 05 2018

    ‎40 Surprising Facts about Bitcoin

    Here’s a collection of facts about Bitcoin which may surprise, amuse, or even shock you... ‎Hopefully, you’ll pick up some obscure facts which provide deeper insight into the fascinating ‎world of Bitcoin.‎
    AUG 30 2018

    Coinmama’s News Roundup: Digital Currency Markets and Innovation On the Move

    During our last news roundup, we mentioned that Bitcoin’s (BTC) price was hovering around the $6,600 range and since then the digital currency and many other assets have seen some nice gains. At the moment BTC’s value is around $7,050 at the time of publication gaining around 10 percent over the last seven days. Meanwhile Ripple (XRP), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) Qtum (QTUM), Litecoin (LTC), and Cardano (ADA) have seen bigger gains between 12-18 percent during the last week. Many traders and enthusiasts are hoping a trend reversal from bearish-to-bullish takes place this fall.
    AUG 29 2018

    I Want to Buy Bitcoins!

    This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get started with Bitcoin. We explain how to use our service to buy your coins - it’s really quick and easy. We also discuss the selection of a Bitcoin wallet, for managing and storing your Bitcoins (BTC).
    AUG 20 2018

    How to Buy Bitcoin in Malaysia

    If you live in Malaysia and want to become a (greater) part of the revolution in financial technology which is Bitcoin, read on. Our guide will inform you as to the current situation regarding the taxation and legislation of Bitcoin in your country. We’ll also cover how you can easily and quickly purchase Bitcoin for Ringgit, using any credit or debit card issued by either MasterCard or VISA.
    AUG 19 2018

    Coinmama’s News Roundup: Digital Asset Infrastructure Development Strengthens, While Crypto-Markets Show Recovery

    Over the last week, a broad range of cryptocurrencies dipped in value as the entire digital asset market capitalization dropped from $262B to $226B USD. At the moment Bitcoin (BTC) prices are hovering around $6,600 after BTC dipped to around $5,850 six days ago. The second largest cryptocurrency market held by Ethereum (ETH) had lost 4 percent over the last seven days as one ETH is valued at $317 at press time. At the moment most traders and investors are still optimistic about the long-term value but in the meantime wonder what will happen in the short term.
    AUG 16 2018

    How to Buy Bitcoin in Japan

    If you’re in Japan and looking to get involved in the Bitcoin revolution, then this guide will explain the situation in your country in regards to regulation and taxation. We’ll also explain how you can quickly and easily purchase your own bitcoins from Coinmama, using any credit or debit card issued by either VISA or MasterCard.
    AUG 15 2018

    How to Buy Bitcoin in Singapore

    If you’re in Singapore and looking to get involved in the Bitcoin revolution, this guide contains a quick rundown on the regulatory and tax situation in Singapore. We’ll also explain how you can quickly and easily purchase your own bitcoins from the Coinmama website, using any credit or debit card issued by either VISA or MasterCard.
    AUG 14 2018

    How to Buy Bitcoin in Dubai

    Since the 60s under Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the Emirate of Dubai has developed the city of Dubai at an extraordinary pace, culminating in the phenomenal growth seen over the last couple of decades. From a humble trading port, Dubai has been transformed into one of the most popular luxury tourist destinations in the Middle East, in addition to being the region’s undisputed financial hub.
    AUG 13 2018

    How to Buy Bitcoin in Australia

    If you live in Australia, this guide will get you up to speed on Bitcoin’s status in your country, briefly covering Bitcoin’s history there and describing the current state of play. If you’re looking to get started with buying some BTC, this guide will also explain how to do so, using either a credit or debit card issued by VISA or MasterCard.
    AUG 06 2018

    Coinmama’s News Roundup: Cryptocurrencies Hold Tight After a Few Dips

    This week cryptocurrency markets have been bouncing around in value as things have been a bit volatile. At the moment the cryptocurrency economy as a whole is valued at $262B and there’s about $10-14B worth traded daily on exchanges. Right now the average spot price for bitcoin (BTC) is around $7,080 USD per coin and many other digital assets are following closely with bitcoin’s market movements.
    AUG 02 2018

    Coinmama Now Offers Crypto Purchases via SEPA Transfers!‎

    In keeping with our pledge to provide the best possible customer experience, Coinmama is ‎excited to announce the addition of a brand new payment method: SEPA bank transfers. ‎Starting from the 6th of August 2018, all our clients across the EU can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, ‎Ripple, and other leading cryptos with a simple, zero-fee SEPA transfer.‎
    AUG 01 2018

    How to Buy Bitcoin in Indonesia

    If you’re an Indonesian citizen wishing to get involved in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, this article will provide info on the regulatory environment as well as suggest how you can purchase Bitcoin within Indonesia using your credit or debit card.
    JUL 31 2018

    How to Buy Bitcoin in South Korea

    This article aims to inform South Koreans as to their current regulatory environment in regards to cryptocurrency, as well as explain how to buy Bitcoin using a credit or debit card from within South Korea.
    JUL 26 2018

    How to Buy Bitcoin in the UK

    If you are in the UK and looking to become part of the Bitcoin revolution, this article aims to inform you on the current situation regarding Bitcoin in the UK, as well as how to purchase Bitcoin using either a debit or credit card.
    JUL 23 2018

    How to buy bitcoin in India

    For those who reside in India and wish to buy bitcoins with a debit or credit card, this guide is for you. We aim to inform you on the current Bitcoin situation in India whilst also instructing you how to safely and legally purchase your own coins.
    JUL 16 2018

    How to Buy Ripple (XRP)

    How to Buy Ripple (XRP)? This guide aims to give you a clearer understanding of the Ripple company and XRP token, before covering exactly how to purchase XRP.
    JUL 09 2018

    Digital Asset Markets See Some Price Spikes and Brighter Days

    Cryptocurrency markets are seeing some price recovery after last week’s dip as most digital assets are up between 8-15 percent over the last seven days. Today on July 7 the price per BTC is testing $6,740 again, after attempting to overtake the $6,800 region a few days prior. Most of the other top contenders have seen increased prices as well including Ethereum (ETH $495), Bitcoin Cash (BCH $771), Ripple (XRP $0.49), Cardano (ADA $0.14), Qtum ($9.23), Ethereum Classic (ETC $18.96), and Litecoin (LTC $85.67).
    JUL 01 2018

    Coinmama Coin Round-up

    A lot has changed since our last news roundup as cryptocurrency markets have dipped a bit in value since. At the time of writing Bitcoin (BTC) has an average price of around $6150 per coin and the total valuation of all 1600+ coins is around $248 billion today.
    JUN 27 2018

    Defeating Crypto Scams - Learn How to Stay Safe

    Crypto scams are everywhere and there’s no way to recover your coins if you’re tricked. This guide shows you how to avoid these dangerous scams.
    JUN 24 2018

    Ripple vs Ethereum

    Ripple vs Ethereum: Who will be the heir to Bitcoin as the king of the crypto world? The primary differences between two heavyweights of the cryptosphere – Ethereum and Ripple – and what the future holds for the two disparate platforms.
    JUN 21 2018

    Hardware Wallets: the Safest Way to Store Crypto

    Hardware wallets are the best crypto storage solution. This guide covers the essentials, answers FAQs, and gives specific product recommendations.
    JUN 18 2018

    How to Buy Bitcoin in Korea

    Recently, there was a lot of uncertainty regarding the potential regulation of the cryptocurrency market in South Korea. However, the space has calmed down since and the growth of Bitcoin in South Korea has continued to expand at a rapid pace. If you are interested in buying Bitcoin or want to know what you can do with it once you’ve bought it, check out this post for some ideas.
    JUN 11 2018

    You Can Now Purchase Ripple XRP Packages at Coinmama!

    Coinmama is pleased to announce another addition to our lineup of cryptocurrencies by adding the distributed gross settlement asset Ripple (XRP) to our exchange. Ripple is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies with its inception dating back to 2012 and the XRP market is the third highest valued capitalization in the digital asset economy. In today’s editorial, we’re going to give our readers an in-depth look at the Ripple XRP and why some investors believe the distributed ledger technology will revolutionize the banking system.
    JUN 10 2018

    How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

    How to Invest in Cryptocurrency - This guide covers choosing the best cryptos for investment, portfolio management, storage security, and 2 proven strategies for building a position.
    JUN 03 2018

    Buy Cardano - Investing in the Third Generation Blockchain

    Why buy Cardano? Last year on September 29, 2017, a new distributed ledger system was launched called Cardano and its native token ADA. Many cryptocurrency investors have added ADA to their portfolio because Cardano is a project with a rather promising roadmap. The Cardano project aims to outshine competitor cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, and Bitcoin by providing a smart contract development platform, representative tokens, and the basic Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL).
    MAY 30 2018

    Buy Bitcoin with a Debit Card on Coinmama

    A concise guide for using a debit or credit card to purchase Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Cardano, Qtum, etc. through Coinmama.
    MAY 29 2018

    How to Buy Bitcoin in Canada

    The goal of this article is to help with the why and the how of buying Bitcoin in Canada. If you’ve already made up your mind to buy some, feel free to skip the first half and go directly to the description of how to buy Bitcoin. However, you’ll be missing out on some of the cool things that Bitcoin can be used for in Canada
    MAY 27 2018

    Coinmama Adds the Decentralized Currency Qtum to Our Lineup of Digital Assets!

    Coinmama has added a bunch of new cryptocurrencies to our lineup of digital assets with each one of them offering different characteristics and benefits. A few weeks ago we launched Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Cardano (ADA) support and now we’re adding two more cryptocurrencies — Ethereum Classic and Qtum. In this summary, we’re going to give our users some perspective on the digital asset Qtum, its underlying network, and why investors believe this token is special.
    MAY 24 2018

    Ethereum Classic Joins Coinmama’s List of Newly Added Cryptocurrencies!

    Just recently Coinmama introduced a few new cryptocurrencies to our list of markets Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Cardano — Now we’ve decided to add two more digital assets to the roundup, Quantum (QTUM) and Ethereum Classic (ETC). In this editorial we’re going to give you a brief history on Ethereum Classic and why cryptocurrency proponents like the decentralized ETC network.
    MAY 21 2018

    Should I Buy Litecoin? - adding LTC to the crypto-portfolio

    There are lots of cryptocurrencies but only a handful of them have made a dent in the $390 billion dollar digital asset economy. One specific currency Litecoin (LTC) has been around for years and has remained a top ten contender since its creation. Litecoin is currently the sixth largest cryptocurrency market capitalization and its circulating supply of 56 million LTC holds a $7.9 billion dollar valuation.
    MAY 15 2018

    Learn the Safest Way to Buy Bitcoins With Just a Few Steps

    After learning about bitcoins, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology many people often ask — What’s the safest way to buy bitcoins? There are various methods available these days that allow people to purchase cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and after learning about this amazing technology figuring out how to purchase the digital asset is the next step on this wonderful journey.
    MAY 10 2018

    Bitcoin Price Predictions: 2018 and Beyond

    Over the years many people who are passionate about the decentralized cryptocurrency bitcoin have made some wild predictions of what the price would be a few years later. Some individuals predicted that bitcoin would reach phenomenal price ranges around $10,000-20,000 USD — The Fact is, lots of these believers were right, and the digital asset bitcoin reached an all-time high of $19,600 per BTC on December 16, 2017. Now in 2018, many people wonder what the new year will bring as far as bitcoin’s value and what kind of forecasts people have for the price over the next eight months and beyond.
    MAY 08 2018

    Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic – Battle of Ideologies

    Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic: A closer look into the story behind the split of Ethereum and the current scenario of both versions of the platform that revolutionized the way solutions to real world problems were built.
    MAY 06 2018

    Cryptocurrency Markets Consolidate for the Next Big Move

    Two weeks ago during our last news roundup Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) markets have started to see some recovery after the last four months of price downturns. This week cryptocurrency markets are steadily trying to hold its upwards momentum as BTC and ETH markets struggle today losing 4-6 percent in value over the past 24-hours. Currently, BTC prices are hovering around $9,500 and ETH values are averaging $790 per coin at the time of writing. Other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and Cardano (ADA) are also steadily holding their market foundations.
    MAY 02 2018

    Is Bitcoin Halal or Haram?

    This past April, the firm Blossom Finance based in Indonesia, published a 22-page working paper that declares Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies compliant with Islamic financing or Shariah Law. The news comes at a time when a great majority of Muslims and clerics have been uncertain about whether or not bitcoin falls under the rules of Islamic banking and helps solidify the cryptocurrency among Islamic participants who have invested. According to the Islamic microfinance company, Blossom Finance, virtual currencies do qualify as Islamic money, unless it is banned by the local government.
    MAY 01 2018

    Bitcoin Cash - A Brief History

    Coinmama added three new cryptocurrencies to our lineup in addition to our Ethereum and Bitcoin packages. Now our exchange is pleased to announce the launch of Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, and Litecoin. Today we're going to give our users a brief history of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BCH) so our customers can get a good grasp of knowledge on our new coin additions.
    APR 29 2018

    ADA and the Cardano platform - A Brief History

    Here at Coinmama, we have added three new cryptocurrencies to purchase in addition to our Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH) packages. This week we’ve decided to give a history of each coin we have added and in our last post we discussed Litecoin (LTC). During this summary we will talk about the Cardano (ADA) platform and why the cryptocurrency has been a top digital asset over the past year.
    APR 26 2018

    A Brief History of Litecoin (LTC)

    Coinmama recently introduced three new cryptocurrencies to our digital asset lineup as customers can now purchase Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Cardano. All three of these digital currencies are top performing assets within the cryptocurrency economy and we decided to give our users a bit of history on each coin.
    APR 16 2018

    The ‘Crypto Winter’ Seems to Be Ending As Optimism Fills the Air

    The price of bitcoin and many other digital assets have been on the rise over the past few days after a long 3-month downtrend. At the moment the price of BTC is averaging around $8,000 per coin after dropping into the $6K range for quite some time. Further, the price of ethereum (ETH) is also doing quite well at around $500 per ETH after it dipped into the $400 range. Both cryptocurrencies have values that are far off from December but still way higher than last year.
    MAR 12 2018

    Regulatory Winds Brew While Crypto-Proponents Remain Optimistic

    A lot has changed since our last weekly update in the world of cryptos as bitcoin has dropped in value consecutively over the past six days. Currently, BTC/USD markets are hovering around $9600 after tumbling following the currency’s recent high of $11,600. Bitcoin hit a low of $8,300 two days ago but has rebounded since. Ethereum markets have been suffering similar losses as one ETH is averaging $726 at the time of writing. Cryptocurrency proponents are quite positive even though markets have been low and many believe BTC/USD will surpass last year’s value of $19,600 per token.
    MAR 05 2018

    Cryptocurrency Markets Heat Back Up Heading Into the Spring Months of 2018

    A lot has changed since our last roundup, where bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency prices took a 65 percent drop over the first six weeks of the new year. BTC/USD prices reached a low of $5,900, and market values have since rebounded to a high of $11,800. At the moment cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum after a slight dip and the global weighted average per BTC at the time of publication is $11,500. Ethereum (ETH) prices are currently testing $848 per ETH at press time.
    FEB 04 2018

    Regulation and the Winter of 2018: The Meteoric Rise of Digital Asset Values Slow Down

    Another exciting few weeks have passed in Crypto-land as January came to an end. Cryptocurrency markets have dropped in value considerably due to multiple factors including increased regulatory scrutiny and a recent Japanese exchange hack. Bitcoin’s price is currently hovering around $8,300 after reaching a low of $7,500 on Feb. 3rd. Ethereum's value is also showing some decrease, trading around $920 per ETH at press time.
    JAN 06 2018

    The New Year Begins With Fresh Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Excitement

    2018 is here, and the cryptocurrency universe is growing fast as the entire economy is now valued at over $727 billion dollars. Per usual a lot has happened since our last report with bitcoin, ethereum, and crypto-markets in general. For instance after reaching close to $20K per bitcoin the price of BTC dropped to $11,700. Currently, the price of bitcoin has bounced back to the $16,700 range lifting a variety of multiple digital assets as well. Ethereum markets have had a wild ride reaching an all-time high and crossing the $1000 mark per ether.
    DEC 29 2017

    Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Markets Go Off With a Bang Closing Out 2017

    It looks like cryptocurrencies are going to close out 2017 with a bang as the decentralized currency bitcoin came awfully close last week towards the $20,000 region. A lot has changed since our last roundup, but that typically has been the case every week this year. Our last report recorded bitcoin reaching $17,400 across global exchanges, and the price pushed up higher touching $19,600 per BTC. Since then there’s been a considerable correction as bitcoin’s price saw lows in the $12K territory. But markets have rebounded nicely the day after Christmas on December 26. And at the moment BTC markets are averaging roughly $14,600 across global exchanges. Ethereum markets are up well over 5 percent as one ETH is roughly $750 at the time of writing.
    DEC 13 2017

    Bitcoin Sees a Feeding Frenzy As BTC Surpasses $17,000 Across Global Exchanges

    A lot more action has taken place since our last weekly update as bitcoin has relentlessly broken new price records once again. Earlier this week the price of bitcoin reached an all-time high of $17,400 across global exchanges after dipping below the $13,000 range just days before. Now Bitcoin markets are averaging around $16,500 at the time of writing, and the growth continues to astonish everyone. Moreover, the price of Ethereum has reached an all-time price record as well surpassing $600 per ETH on December 12.
    DEC 06 2017

    Bitcoin’s Price Has Passed the $13K Zone and It’s Just Getting Started

    Just when you think things couldn't get any more exciting in the world of bitcoin, it does as the decentralized currency once again smashed some new all-time price highs. During our last weekly roundup bitcoin’s price surpassed the $10K zone gaining over $2000 in less than three days. Now the cryptocurrency is hovering at around $13,200 at the time of writing. Further Ethereum markets have consolidated as one ETH is averaging around $460 per token at the time of writing.
    NOV 29 2017

    Crypto-Enthusiasts Go Wild as Bitcoin’s Gains Well Over $2,000 In Three Days

    This week in bitcoin-land has been a thrilling ride as the decentralized currency has surpassed the $10K price range across global exchanges by a long-shot. The cryptocurrency community is elated about the price, to say the least. Bitcoin’s value on November 29 touched an all-time high of $11,395 per BTC across global exchanges. Ethereum has been doing extremely well too and also captured an all-time high above the $500 territory. The entire cryptocurrency market landscape has surprised everyone by commanding a $320 billion dollar market capitalization.
    NOV 22 2017

    Bitcoin Price Smashes Past $8K Per BTC As Crypto-Markets Grow Feverish

    The price of bitcoin has reached yet another all-time high this week smashing past the $8K zone and now hovers around $8,150 per BTC at the time of writing. In another surprising move by the decentralized currency’s fluctuating markets bitcoin is breaking everyone’s expectations reaching new price highs nearly every two weeks. Ethereum markets are doing excellent as well, as the currency has jumped 12 percent over the past three days coasting along at $360 per ETH.
    NOV 13 2017

    Crypto-Chaos After Segwit2x Developers Cancel the Fork

    Another thrilling week in cryptocurrency land has passed, as the biggest news of the week was revealed on November 8 detailing the Segwit2x fork was canceled. Bitcoin prices have dropped and one BTC is currently traded at $6550, after a drop of almost $1500 from the last all-time high of $7700. At the same time, investors rushed to the existing alternative, Bitcoin Cash, which caused a phenomenal rise across global exchanges following the big announcement. At press time, one BCH is traded at approx. $1360 Additionally, other cryptocurrencies are seeing significant percentage increases as digital assets like Ethereum are pumping after the news as well. At the moment Ethereum is capturing a price of $315 per ETH at the time of writing.
    NOV 06 2017

    Bitcoin Breaks Records Again as the Prices Smashes Another All-Time High

    A lot has changed since Coinmama’s last weekly news roundup as the price per bitcoin has reached another all-time high this year. On November 5th the price per BTC touched a high of $7,580 across many global exchanges. Bitcoin traders, investors, and enthusiasts are excited this year as the decentralized currency has surpassed many expectations. Ethereum markets are also doing well as one ETH is trading around $300 at the time of writing. The turing-complete cryptocurrency has recently finished a successful hard fork and continues to remain stable in value.
    OCT 25 2017

    Bitcoin Shows the World It’s Unstoppable Strength as BTC Markets Go Wild

    Bitcoin has had another exciting week since our last report as the currency reached an all-time high of $6180 across global exchanges. The price has dipped some since then as it is currently hovering around $5700 per BTC at the time of writing. Ethereum markets are also feeling some downward pressure as one ETH is presently $285 per token. Although the markets have dipped, traders are still positive that new price highs are on their way.
    OCT 17 2017

    Bitcoin Surpasses $5K — While Ethereum Prices Spike With Increased Market Optimism

    Last week bitcoin prices have started trending higher since our previous weekly roundup. Currently, the price per bitcoin is now hovering around the astounding $5,700 zone with about $3B in daily global trade volume. The lift in price has also pushed up the value of other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. At press time, the price of Ethereum is roughly $340 per ETH with about $349M in daily global ether trades. Problems in China with bitcoin exchanges have started to fade away from people's memories as the country’s citizens have moved to Over-the-Counter trading until domestic cryptocurrency trading platforms become operational once again. Furthermore many neighboring countries like Japan are reaping the benefits of Chinese exchange closures.
    SEP 27 2017

    The Bitcoin Train Chugs Forward After a Thrilling Couple of Weeks

    The bitcoin train rolls on as the price dipped a touch since our last report down to the $3670 range at the time of writing. News from China has waned, and overall markets seem more confident than the week’s prior. Since the drop in price, the value of digital assets like bitcoin and ethereum had remained relatively stable compared to when Chinese exchanges first announced closures. Currently, the price per ether (ETH) is hovering around $285 as the value of ETH has kicked up a notch over 3 percent. Cryptocurrency markets, in general, are capturing a $129 billion market capitalization as digital asset popularity continues to remain hotter than ever.
    SEP 19 2017

    Bitcoin's Phenomenal Comeback After China's Regulatory Crackdown

    A lot has changed since our last Coinmama weekly cryptocurrency roundup. Bitcoin’s price dropped from $4,200 all the way to a low of $2,970 on September 15 as China’s central authorities cracked down on bitcoin exchanges. After four Chinese bitcoin exchanges announced closing operations, the price per BTC regained some energy the same day, and bounced back to the $3,800 mark. At press time, bitcoin is hovering around the $4,000 per BTC price range. This mid-September bitcoin price drop affected alternative digital currencies, as well as Ethereum markets dropped to a low of $300 per ETH.
    SEP 05 2017

    Bitcoin and Ethereum Markets Still Maintain an Uptrend but Drop Due to Regulatory ICO Concerns Worldwide

    Lots of things happened over the course of last week after Coinmama’s last weekly roundup. Bitcoin reached an all time high weighted average of $4980 per BTC and $5,000 on a few Asian exchanges. However, the price has since dropped from that point significantly lower since that point reaching a low of $4250 at the time of writing. Ethereum also followed bitcoin’s higher rise last week but dropped lower than BTC’s drop 15 percent to $280 per ether. The entire top twenty cryptocurrency market capitalizations are trying their best to keep at least some of last week’s gains.
    AUG 30 2017

    Cryptocurrency Billions Keep Climbing As Upgrades Provide Market Optimism

    Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets moved on to the upside after our weekly report last week as digital currency markets now capture over $156.5 billion. Currently, bitcoin has broke yet another record, currently trading at $4620 per BTC. Ethereum markets are also doing extremely well spiking to $370 per ether at the time of writing. Because bitcoin is doing so well this week, cryptocurrency markets, in general, are pushing over $4B in daily trade volume as demand for digital assets has grown exponentially.
    AUG 22 2017

    Ethereum Markets Pick Up Steam While Bitcoin Proponents Focus Split Outcomes

    Another exciting week has passed as Bitcoin, and Ethereum fans watch both markets show a lot of price action. At the time of writing one bitcoin is roughly $4030 per BTC dropping a touch lower than last weeks all-time high. Ethereum markets have started to pick up steam as it was steadily moving along at $300 per ETH but now is $340 at press time. Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been focused on the correlated action between Bitcoin (BTC) markets and the alternate chain Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
    AUG 15 2017

    Is Bitcoin On the Brink of Mass Adoption? It’s Starting to Look That Way

    Bitcoin has had an explosive week as the decentralized currency has garnered over $1000 in value in just seven days. At the time of writing one BTC is worth $4250 compared to last week’s August 5th climb past the $3000 range. Ethereum markets have also gained a boost from bitcoin’s upward push as one ether is worth $300 per ETH at press time. Currently, the entire cryptocurrency market capitalization has captured a whopping $138B and continues to grow exponentially.
    AUG 08 2017

    Bitcoin Enters a New Era and Hits an All Time High of $3400

    The bitcoin space has changed quite a bit since our last weekly report. On August 1 the bitcoin network bifurcated into two branches forming a new digital currency called ‘Bitcoin Cash.’ A lot of people had assumed this would affect bitcoin’s price negatively but actually had the opposite effect. Bitcoin’s price smashed past the US$3K territory and had reached an all time high of $3430 on August 7. Ethereum has also done quite well as the digital currency is currently valued at $270 per ETH at the time of writing.
    JUL 31 2017

    Bitcoin’s Price Grows Stronger As Consensus Changes Approach

    Another exciting week in the world of bitcoin has passed as the infamous August 1 approaches. On August 1 or shortly thereafter a new digital currency may fork away from the Bitcoin main chain forming its own network. During the course of the week, there's been a lot of discussion about the subject throughout many cryptocurrency forums. At press time bitcoin’s price is doing very well hovering at around US$2790 per BTC at the time of writing. Ethereum is coasting along at around $200 per ETH climbing upwards a step higher than last week.
    JUL 25 2017

    Cryptocurrency Attention Continues as Countries Prepare to Legalize Bitcoin and Protocol Upgrades Approach

    Since our last weekly report, the price of bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH) had dropped significantly. Following last week’s dip, the two popular cryptocurrencies values started rising once again as the possibility of Segregated Witness (Segwit) being implemented to the Bitcoin network, just might happen. At the time of writing one BTC is roughly $2735 and ETH is hovering around $224 per token.
    JUL 11 2017

    Bitcoin and Ethereum Markets See a Slight Price Decline But Still the Best Performing Currencies in 2017

    This week both bitcoin and ethereum’s price has dipped considerably since our last weekly roundup. At the moment the price per BTC is roughly $2325 at the time of writing meanwhile ETH is hovering around $205. Many bitcoin proponents believe the decline in price is attributed to the current deflating alt coin markets that have been losing significant value. Just two weeks ago the entire cryptocurrency market cap was well above $100 billion USD, but now the entire cap has dropped to $84 billion over all of 952 cryptocurrencies in existence.
    JUL 03 2017

    Crypto-Markets Build Steam as Significant Trade Volume Picks Up in South East Asia

    The price of bitcoin had a few ups and down this week as the decentralized currency’s value started to heat up on July 2nd. At the moment bitcoin’s price is hovering around the $2500 USD range and has picked up some steam after seeing lower prices within the $2300 territory earlier this week. Ethereum markets have followed the same path as the price per ETH has geared upwards of 5 percent over the last 12 hours with a USD value of $283. Right now both markets are commanding a significant $1.8 billion in trade volume over the past 24 hours showing signals of higher price ahead.
    JUN 27 2017

    The Cryptocurrency Universe Trucks On As Another Exciting Week of Innovation Continues

    Bitcoin’s price had a pretty stable run during the beginning of the week coasting along at $2650-2700 and that all changed on June 24 as the price has since dipped 25 percent. The price of one BTC at the time of writing is $2400 USD across most global exchanges. Ethereum markets have also slid downwards as well, and one ETH is currently $260 which is lower than its recent $400 highs losing nearly 35 percent in value. Market observers believe both cryptocurrencies are experiencing a healthy correction after the strong price run-ups over the past few weeks.
    JUN 20 2017

    The Future of Money Sees Possible Scaling Compromise and Price Bounce

    After last week’s review, the price of bitcoin dipped to a low of $2250 across global exchanges with many other cryptocurrency markets like Ethereum following suit. Since then both Bitcoin and Ethereum’s value has rebounded once again as BTC is currently $2620 USD and Ethereum is hovering around $370. The overall cryptocurrency market cap is still skyrocketing at a whopping $113 billion dollars worth of digital assets, and over $5 billion in trade volume exchanged daily.
    JUN 14 2017

    The Bitcoin and Ethereum Phenomenon Continues to Surprise Us All

    Another exhilarating week has passed in the world of cryptocurrencies, most notably with Bitcoin and Ethereum markets. This past weekend Bitcoin reached and all-time high of $2980 per BTC meanwhile Ethereum surpassed $420 per ETH. Following the weekend markets took a 10 percent downturn, but more trajected upswings in prices are likely to continue. At the moment one BTC is $2760, and one ETH is $390 at the time of writing. These dominating currencies and a slew of others have pushed the overall cryptocurrency valuation above $100 billion in just a matter of months.
    JUN 05 2017

    Bitcoin Relentlessly Pushes Forward on the Edge to Mass Adoption

    Last week bitcoin’s price consolidated in the $2250-2300 range and stabilized nicely for roughly 72 hours. Since then bitcoin markets have once again kicked up a notch pushing above the $2550 range. Meanwhile, Ethereum (ETH) also came back steady and had reached an all-time high of $250 per ETH at the time of writing. When it comes to bitcoiners, all eyes are focused on the exponential growth of cryptocurrency markets alongside the thousands of newcomers joining this evolutionary economy every single day.
    MAY 29 2017

    The Future of Bitcoin and Ethereum Markets Look Brighter Than Ever Before

    Another exciting week has passed in the land of cryptocurrency as the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum reached monumental all time highs on May 24. Bitcoin’s price touched a high of $2760 while Ethereum surpassed $240 per ETH across global exchanges. However following the day of extreme upward price velocities both cryptocurrencies lost 30 percent in value over the course of the next day. Both Ethereum and Bitcoin have rebounded 10-15 percent since then and have consolidated their values for the time being.
    MAY 24 2017

    Cryptocurrency Markets Skyrocket as Bitcoin and Ethereum Leave Earth's Atmosphere

    A lot has changed since Coinmama’s last weekly report, as Bitcoin and Ethereum have jumped leaps and bounds like two superheroes blasting through the atmosphere. At the time of writing one bitcoin has an average of $2040 across global exchanges with a whopping $34.1 billion dollar market cap. The smart contract based digital currency Ethereum is now an astounding $170 with a market of $15.6 billion U.S. dollars.
    MAY 16 2017

    Bitcoin Breaks New Records Again, While Mass Adoption Seems Closer Every Day

    Another thrilling week has passed us by in within the cryptocurrency economy as bitcoin's price once again touched another all-time high at $1892. The price has subsequently slid to a lower price of $1720 at the time of writing and markets still show an upward trend may continue. Last week Coinmama reported bitcoin’s price was climbing above $1650, so a level correction from a high of close to $1900 down to $1700 is quite healthy showing the rigid strength of bitcoin markets.
    MAY 08 2017

    The Financial Revolution Begins as Cryptocurrency Markets Soar to Whole New Levels

    Cryptocurrency markets just wrapped up one of the most eventful weeks in digital currency history as both Bitcoin and Ethereum markets have been soaring. The price per bitcoin (BTC) hit an all-time high of US$1625 across global exchanges, and ether tokens (ETH) also climbed to a high of $100.
    MAY 01 2017

    Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Break Global Records as Crypto-Markets Jump in Value

    Another glorious week has passed in the world of cryptocurrency as global markets are growing more valuable each and every day. This week overall digital asset markets have surpassed US$36 billion dollars in total as billions have been added to the general market capitalization in mere days. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have reached all time highs in price this past week as well as one BTC reached a high of $1370 and one ETH is touched $75 per token.
    APR 24 2017

    Cryptocurrency Continues to Prime a Path Towards Decentralization and Financial Independence

    Worldwide blockchain headlines have been feverish again as bitcoin continues its course making waves in the financial world. This past week bitcoin’s price has climbed to new highs this month reaching US$1270 per BTC on April 20. The second top contender Ethereum has kept steady holding its $4 billion dollar market and trading at $48 per ether at the time of writing. This week a lot of exciting news comes from a few of the “Big Bitcoin Three” countries which include China, India, and Japan.
    APR 19 2017

    Exciting developments contribute to the value of Bitcoin and Etherium

    Global News regarding cryptocurrency leave positive effect on the two dominant currencies - Bitcoin and Etherium. Bitcoin’s price is once again on the move testing the US$1190 range after a slight drop below the $1160 mark earlier this week, while Etherium has touched the US$50 at the time of writing. Dr. Craig Wright, Russia, Microsoft and much more, discover what happened in the land of cryptocurrency this week.
    APR 13 2017

    Bitcoin’s Trailblazing Success at Becoming Sound Money

    Bitcoin is continuing to trailblaze on its course to be the internet of money. Currently, the price per BTC is coasting along nicely above the US$1200 range after climbing the charts for the past three weeks. Enthusiasm has been high as many within the cryptocurrency community is excited about the current price uptrend. Overall cryptocurrency markets are collectively capturing over $27 billion in capitalization while users are pushing a lot of volume.
    APR 03 2017

    Bitcoin’s Journey Towards the Future Without Looking Back

    The first week of April in the land of cryptocurrency has been an eventful one. The price of bitcoin has been on the rise since March 30 and has escalated to the $1,100 USD range on April 2. Prior to the spike, BTC was coasting along relatively stable above the $1,000 mark after last week’s significant dives into the $900s.
    MAR 28 2017

    Cryptocurrency Market Volumes Surge During Bitcoin’s Wild Week

    Another week has passed in the land of cryptocurrency with many hot topics and feverish moments abound. Bitcoin’s price has taken a slight downturn in the US$980 range over the course of the past week. The Bitcoin community has been laser focused on the scaling debate while different talks of proposals take place. Meanwhile the cryptocurrency Ethereum has reached an all time high.
    MAR 21 2017

    The Exciting Bitcoin Ride Continues its Path Towards Greatness

    Bitcoin has once again found new price highs. The decentralized currency reached a quick high of US$1350 on the day the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) decided the fate of the Coin exchange traded fund (ETF).
    MAR 09 2017

    Bitcoin Surpasses Gold While Patiently Awaiting ETF Decision

    As Coinmama pointed out last week the price of bitcoin has been skyrocketing. Over the course of the week bitcoin hit it’s all time high as well as reaching parity with one Troy ounce of solid gold. Currently, the price is resting at US$1270-75 per BTC and may pick up as the upcoming exchange-traded fund (ETF) decision approaches.
    MAR 02 2017

    Bitcoin Smashes It's All-Time High

    Bitcoin has had an exceptional run this past week breaking the digital currency’s all-time high in 2013 and reaching $1,220 per BTC. The cryptocurrency took a small downward turn following the record-breaking price but is slowly moving back to the $1,200 range. Quite a bit of speculation is directed at the upcoming March 11 Securities Exchange Commission’s decision concerning the first Bitcoin ETF. Furthermore, there has been quite a bit of demand coming from countries with significant inflation, capital controls, and poor monetary planning.
    FEB 15 2017

    The Bitcoin Network Continues to Remain Resilient

    Bitcoin had another eventful week as the price continues to remain stable at US$995-1,000 over the past few days. The price has been somewhat volatile as news from China's central bank has slightly affected Bitcoin trading markets with their recent inspections.
    FEB 07 2017

    Bitcoin’s Feverish Embrace Will Not Be Subdued

    The Bitcoin network has once again had another eventful week as the price slowly approaches $960 per BTC. After the news of China’s central bank inspections left the public’s memories and the top three exchanges changed their policies Bitcoin’s value bounced upwards. There's been a lot of positive press and a few negative headlines throughout the week but overall there hasn't been much, and Bitcoin’s price remained stable at $920 for quite some time. However, Bitcoin is now moving once again in a positive direction with many wondering if it will surpass 4-digits in the near future.
    JAN 20 2017

    Worldwide Bitcoin Interest Rises Exponentially During the New Year

    Another interesting week has passed in the cryptocurrency world as bitcoin continues to gain more adoption and popularity. As reported by Coinmama last week bitcoin reached its all-time high but has subsequently dropped in value roughly six hours later. At the time of writing, one bitcoin is averaging around US$820 per BTC. The drop in price has seemed to stem from China’s central bank inspecting the three top Chinese bitcoin exchanges within the region.
    JAN 09 2017

    Bitcoin Continues its Course as the Asset Class of the 21st Century

    The first week of the new year in 2017 has been very exciting within the cryptocurrency circuit. Bitcoin had reached its all-time high of $1145 on January 2nd reaching its highest value since 2013. However the following day the cryptocurrency's price corrected 20 percent over the next two days. At press time the price of bitcoin is hovering just above $920 per BTC after hitting a low of $820 on January 7. It's been a very interesting week in the crypto-world and digital currency enthusiasts and onlookers wonder— what will happen next?
    JAN 02 2017

    The Unstoppable Bitcoin Begins the Year at $1000

    This week was yet another fantastic week in the world of bitcoin and the end of 2016. Bitcoin spent the entire year dominating wrapping up the year-end at $960 USD per BTC. Following this on the first day of 2017 bitcoin crossed the four digit mark at $1005. The last time the digital asset hit this milestone value was in November of 2013.
    DEC 21 2016

    Another Exciting Week for Bitcoin Dec. 13-20

    Another week has passed in crypto-land with Bitcoin on an extremely bullish run. At press time the price per BTC is holding strong at US$790 and reached a high of $795 this past weekend. The digital asset is at its highest price point over the past three years since 2013’s exponential climb. Bitcoin dominance continues to stay above 86 percent, and market capitalization has reached a high of over $12 billion. It sure has been an exciting week in the world of Bitcoin.
    DEC 12 2016

    Bitcoin's Hottest Updates Dec. 5-12

    Bitcoin’s was full steam ahead this week in various cryptocurrency markets all around the world. The price is currently just under $770 per BTC, and there's been heavy volume with over $57 million daily trades. Bitcoin dominance continues to hold above 86 percent, and Ethereum has since climbed back up the ladder since our last report. The cryptocurrency community has also been laser focused towards countries like India having unusual economic times.
    DEC 06 2016

    Bitcoin's Hottest Updates Nov. 28 - Dec. 5

    It has been another voracious week in the Bitcoin landscape as the digital currency was just shy of hitting its all-time high in price this year. On December 2, BTC value drove to a maximum of $778 coming close to this past Junes high of $780. The cryptocurrency’s fiat value has dipped since then dropping to a low of $759 at the time of writing. Many industry experts envision the bullish run to continue with end of the year predictions in the $800-1,000 range.
    NOV 29 2016

    Bitcoin's Hottest Updates Nov. 21-28

    The Bitcoin blockchain rolls on as another productive week has passed. The virtual currency’s price has been pretty stable ranging from US$725-738 this week. As the BTC fiat value has been uneventful, people have been wondering if there will be an uptrend or downtrend within the near future. Technical indicators show there is still a bullish trend with the 100 Simple Moving Average (SMA) and 200 SMA patterns showing a continued upswing. For now, the price remains steady as cryptocurrency community waits for a breakout.
    NOV 21 2016

    Bitcoin's Hottest Updates Nov. 14-21

    Bitcoin has had yet another eventful week as the cryptocurrency’s market capitalization had crossed 12 billion USD in value. The digital currency had risen to a high of $755 per BTC over the course of the weekend and the bullish run in trading markets look promising. Bitcoin’s fiat value has been choppy, to say the least with room for various intra-range trading strategies. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts hope the price will continue its upward trend.
    NOV 15 2016

    Coinmama's Weekly Review Nov. 7th - 14th

    Another week has passed in the cryptocurrency landscape with many new announcements and activity. The price of Bitcoin has dipped to a low this past weekend dropping to $683 per BTC. This was after the price jumped up to $735 per BTC immediately after the U.S. election. The volatile value has been ideal for intra-range traders offering money to be made in between swings. Bitcoin’s price has settled at press time settling at roughly $700 per BTC after the 5% drop.
    NOV 07 2016

    Coinmama's Weekly Review Oct. 31st - Nov. 7th

    This week in the world of cryptocurrency Bitcoin had an eventful price change. The price of the digital currency was feverishly moving upwards at a high of $745 per BTC. However, rumors of Chinese officials curbing the use of Bitcoin due to capital outflows seemingly scared the market. The value of Bitcoin dropped at the same time these reports were published.
    NOV 03 2016

    Coinmama’s Weekly Review Oct. 24-31

    The cryptocurrency landscape has been on fire lately with many announcements and the value of Bitcoin rising exponentially. The industry is seeing increased adoption, new software, and a very positive outlook for the future. Let's have a look at this week's most trending moments in the blockchain space.
    AUG 20 2016

    Lock Up Your Bitcoins, Here Come the Hackers!

    Over the past few months, the cryptocurrency space has been shaken, not stirred, by a series of high profile hacks. In June, Bitcoin’s biggest rival by market cap, Ethereum, was drained of tens of millions of Dollars’ worth of ETH tokens.
    JUL 23 2016

    Predicting where Bitcoin will be in 10 years – How will the world look like?

    Being the first majorly used cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has come a long way within 7 years of its beginning. Even though there were other systems existing before it, Bitcoin gained the most traction. But now, with a lot of competition coming its way, what will happen to Bitcoin in the coming decade?
    APR 26 2016

    Decentralized Autonomous organizations (DAOs)

    DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization refers to the decentralized network of narrow-AI agents that are autonomous, whose function is to maximize the production output and divide the labor in different computationally difficult tasks.
    APR 13 2016

    Ethereum vs Bitcoin

    Most of you out there must be familiar with Bitcoin. If you do not know what it is, then you may have at least heard of it. Bitcoin is not a recent thing though, it has been around since 2009. While it may be the first crypto-currency, it certainly is not the only one with Ethereum being one of its biggest competitors right now.
    MAR 14 2016

    Smart contracts – what it’s all about?

    What if you could bind lawyers, banks, wills and contracts all into one single entity; thus removing the need to individually located and pay these intermediaries, and make it all a more efficient process. That is exactly what ‘Smart Contracts’ are all about. It is a technology that is set to change how contracts are made, modified, handled and executed.
    MAR 14 2016

    Ethereum for dummies

    To put it in simple words, Ethereum is a decentralized platform for running smart contracts. Smart contracts are applications that run just the way they are programmed, with virtually zero possibility of any censorship, fraud, third party interference or downtime.
    JAN 07 2016

    Bitcoin and Blockchain, the unbreakable connection

    People got to know about the Blockchain technology through the revelation of virtual currency, Bitcoin. And yet there’s been a lot of chatter around the community about the possibility of a Blockchain network without bitcoin.
    MAR 30 2015

    How to store your Bitcoins

    How to store my Bitcoins? Which wallet should I use?
    SEP 02 2014

    We're excited to announce..

    CoinMama has been re-coded from the ground up. During this process our main objectives were to keep the website visually as clean as possible, to create an easier website to navigate through and to simplify the process of buying Bitcoins.
    JUL 30 2014

    What are virtual currencies all about?

    It's nearly impossible to read the tech news without coming across talk of virtual currencies --more specifically, Bitcoins, or even Litecoins. So we're here to tell you what it's all about, and why you should (if you haven't already) join the movement.
    JUL 30 2014

    Coinmama - The easiest way to buy virtual currency!

    By now, many people who want to purchase virtual coins with their credit cards have realized that there is no place to do so. This is why we are here to introduce you to Coinmama
    JUL 30 2014

    Coinmama's new features are just around the corner!

    Introducing a new point-based verification with multiple verification methods. Along with this, CoinMama has adopted brand-new payment methods for credit cards, Google checkout and even accepting international bank wire deposits.
    JUL 30 2014

    Buying Bitcoins just got better

    We are proud to announce that we have implemented several improvements to the CoinMama website. Based on ongoing feedback from our users, we decided to apply several changes that make the purchase of Bitcoins a whole lot easier.
    JUL 30 2014

    5 Common Bitcoin myths debunked

    Are BitCoins worthless? Is BitCoin just a giant pyramid scheme? 5 common BitCoin Myths debunked.
    MAY 22 2013

    Become A Coinmama Bitcoin affiliate and earn free Bitcoins!

    Do you have a knack for sales? Want to get free Bitcoins? This is your chance to take part in one of the most exciting and fastest growing industries today AND earn free Bitcoins. Here at CoinMama we just...
    MAY 13 2013

    Changes in Payment Method at Coinmama

    We are sorry to announce that CoinMama will no longer be working with PayPal. PayPal has notified us as of May 12, 2013 that they will not be able to continue working with us due to excessive risk associated...
    APR 01 2013

    The Rise of LiteCoins!

    LiteCoin was first introduced to the digital currency world in October of 2011. From an outsider’s view, it very much resembles Bitcoins, since it is in fact based on them. However, a closer look...