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Cryptocurrency Market Volumes Surge During Bitcoin’s Wild Week

Posted by Coinmama on March 28, 2017

Another week has passed in the land of cryptocurrency with many hot topics and feverish moments abound. Bitcoin’s price has taken a slight downturn in the US$980 range over the course of the past week. The Bitcoin community has been laser focused on the scaling debate while different talks of proposals take place. Meanwhile the cryptocurrency Ethereum has reached an all time high.

The Exciting Bitcoin Ride Continues its Path Towards Greatness

Posted by Coinmama on March 21, 2017

Bitcoin has once again found new price highs. The decentralized currency reached a quick high of US$1350 on the day the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) decided the fate of the Coin exchange traded fund (ETF).

Bitcoin Surpasses Gold While Patiently Awaiting ETF Decision

Posted by Coinmama on March 09, 2017

As Coinmama pointed out last week the price of bitcoin has been skyrocketing. Over the course of the week bitcoin hit it’s all time high as well as reaching parity with one Troy ounce of solid gold. Currently, the price is resting at US$1270-75 per BTC and may pick up as the upcoming exchange-traded fund (ETF) decision approaches.

Bitcoin Smashes It's All-Time High

Posted by Coinmama on March 02, 2017

Bitcoin has had an exceptional run this past week breaking the digital currency’s all-time high in 2013 and reaching $1,220 per BTC. The cryptocurrency took a small downward turn following the record-breaking price but is slowly moving back to the $1,200 range. Quite a bit of speculation is directed at the upcoming March 11 Securities Exchange Commission’s decision concerning the first Bitcoin ETF. Furthermore, there has been quite a bit of demand coming from countries with significant inflation, capital controls, and poor monetary planning.

The Bitcoin Network Continues to Remain Resilient

Posted by Coinmama on February 15, 2017

Bitcoin had another eventful week as the price continues to remain stable at US$995-1,000 over the past few days. The price has been somewhat volatile as news from China's central bank has slightly affected Bitcoin trading markets with their recent inspections.

Bitcoin’s Feverish Embrace Will Not Be Subdued

Posted by Coinmama on February 07, 2017

The Bitcoin network has once again had another eventful week as the price slowly approaches $960 per BTC. After the news of China’s central bank inspections left the public’s memories and the top three exchanges changed their policies Bitcoin’s value bounced upwards. There's been a lot of positive press and a few negative headlines throughout the week but overall there hasn't been much, and Bitcoin’s price remained stable at $920 for quite some time. However, Bitcoin is now moving once again in a positive direction with many wondering if it will surpass 4-digits in the near future.