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Exciting Expansion: wGLD Joins Coinmama: Revolutionizing Gold

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Coinmama is thrilled to announce an upcoming integration that marks a significant leap forward in the fusion of digital currency and precious metals. In collaboration with Wellfield Technologies Inc. (TSXV: WFLD), we’re set to offer our users an innovative new way to invest in gold through the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform wGLD, soon to be accessible via

Innovating Investment: Wellfield’s launch of wGLD on the Optimism Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain is a game-changer. It signifies a bold step towards establishing a fluid DeFi gold ecosystem, enabling users to engage in decentralized trading, lending, borrowing, and yielding with a gold-backed digital asset. This initiative aligns with Wellfield’s DeFi Layer 2 Initiatives, focusing on expanding and diversifying the ways our community interacts with digital assets.

Empowering the DeFi Community: Levy Cohen, CEO of Wellfield, highlights the mission to make physical gold more accessible and profitable in its digital avatar. By integrating wGLD, Coinmama not only embraces the future of gold investment but also welcomes a vibrant community of investors eager to explore the synergies between blockchain and traditional assets.

About Coinmama: A frontrunner in the fintech space, Coinmama’s platform has empowered over 3.8 million users across 180 countries to seamlessly access the cryptocurrency market. Our commitment to innovation, user-friendly services, and robust DeFi offerings continues to strengthen our position as a leading player in the digital finance landscape.

Stay tuned for this exciting integration and get ready to dive into a new era of gold investment with Coinmama. For more insights and updates, visit Coinmama and embark on your journey to decentralized wealth.

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