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With Coinmama You can buy Cardano instantly with your credit card, debit card or by bank transfer! Buy ADA coin securely and expand your crypto investment portfolio in just a few clicks.

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How to Buy Cardano?

Would you like to buy ADA coin with credit card? You can do it with Coinmama! You can now buy Cardano by following the three simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Create Your Coinmama Account

    Sign up with Coinmama and create your account in just a few minutes! Click on the confirmation link that will be sent to your email after your registration is complete.

  2. Finish the Verification Process

    You must verify your account before you can buy Cardano with credit card. You will need to upload your passport, national ID or other documents. Once your documents are processed and approved, you can buy Cardano for up to 15,000 USD with your credit or debit card.

  3. Place Your Cardano Order

    Log in to the Coinmama account that you have created, type in the desired wallet address, fill out the form and buy ADA coin instantly.

Buy Cardano with Debit Card

Coinmama gives you the option to buy ADA coin with both credit and debit cards. Coinmama currently accepts payments via Visa and Mastercard. However, American Express, Discover and PayPal are currently not accepted. All you need to do is to make sure that the card you are using for the purchase belongs to you.

Please visit our Knowledge Base to read more about how to buy ADA coin.

Buy Cardano with Bank Transfer (SEPA/SWIFT)

Coinmama is always striving to give you more payment options. You can now buy Cardano ADA with Bank Transfer! Buy up to 12,000 USD per business day. 0% fee on SEPA transfers (Europe/United Kingdom only) and a low flat fee on SWIFT transfers (rest of world)!

Some Quick Facts About Cardano

Cardano is a distributed computing platform that runs the blockchain for the ADA cryptocurrency. Daedalus is currently the only cryptocurrency wallet that holds ADA and allows transfers to other wallet addresses. Cardano was released on September 29, 2017 under the ’Byron’ bootstrap phase with the official launch happening in Japan.
Here are 5 quick facts you need to know before you buy Cardano:

  • Cardano was launched with the help of an Initial Coin Offering. 
  • Unlike many of the major cryptocurrencies, ADA offers the ability to stake coins. You get the chance to earn interest on your holdings. 
  • ADA has a maximum total supply of 45 billion. 
  • Cardano may be chosen as the blockchain for industrial tokens and financial products in the near future.
  • Users can participate in decisions about how the protocol governs itself.

Coinmama allows you to buy ADA coin from the comfort of your home or via mobile on-the-go, allowing you to respond to the latest market developments as they unfold. Our industry-leading customer service is available 24/7 to make your purchase smooth with minimum delays. Please feel free to contact our happiness heroes at any stage of your registration, verification or purchase. We’ll help you optimize your experience.

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