We Planned Your Super Bowl Party Using Only Bitcoin

Bitcoin Superbowl

Super Bowl LIII is just a little more than a week away, but whether you’re a Patriots fan, a Rams fan, or cheering for the Rams simply because you have Tom Brady overload, it’s not too late to plan your Super Bowl party. Better yet, if you have some Bitcoin burning a hole in your pocket—or just want to see how far you can stretch your crypto in the real world—we’re happy to report that planning a top-notch Super Bowl party using nothing but Bitcoin is not only doable, it’s surprisingly easy. Here’s to one giant step forward for mass crypto adoption! And to make things even easier, we at Coinmama did the heavy lifting for you, and found everything you need to get from the coin toss through overtime.

Football’s big night, from the TV to the NFL gear, in Bitcoin:

  • The Centerpiece:

No Super Bowl party is complete without a big screen for the big game. Luckily Overstock.comhas you covered. The online retailer known for its home decorating options is a pioneer in crypto adoption—one of the first to make Bitcoin a payment option. Once your TV is in your cart, you just need to pick Bitcoin when checking out. And if you really want to impress, grab a slow cooker while you’re at it, and make some Spicy Touchdown Chili for your guests.

  • The Grub:

After this week’s cold weather, leaving the house before April seems unlikely. But since you can’t have a Super Bowl party without Super Bowl food, it’s a good thing Menufy makes eating while hibernating possible. Serving 49 states and the District of Columbia (Sorry, North Dakota!), Menufy offers delivery options for all the hot wings, chips & guac, pizza, and hoagies your heart desires, with Bitcoin as a payment option, of course.

  • The Booze:

We hear beer is an important part of any Super Bowl party (assuming you’re of legal drinking age)—and who are we to mess with tradition? Buying beer with Bitcoin requires a bit of a workaround, but it’s definitely possible. Head to eGifter.com and use your Bitcoin to pick up a gift card to Whole Foods or Target. From there, you’re only a grocery store trip away from a fridge full of beer. Just remember, no matter which team is winning, please drink responsibly.

  • The Gear:

Is there anything cuter than a dog in a football jersey? No there is not. And CryptoPetunderstands that. Sure, they may think the Rams are still in St. Louis, but they also have everything you need to dress your pup up for the big game. And as the name implies, crypto is not only accepted, it’s required. Find a variety of NFL pet gear and payment in a number of different coins.

  • The Pool:

You don’t need crypto or fiat to play Football Squares—simply download and print a blank Squares sheet from the site of your choice, fill it out, and let the winner gloat. But if you were planning to throw down $5 anyway, why not go all the way with your Bitcoin Super Bowl Party and do so in crypto?


We have to admit, we’re pleasantly surprised by just how easy it was to plan our Bitcoin Super Bowl party. And while the eGifter workaround might feel a bit like cheating, it also makes it possible to shop for groceries in case you need extra chips and salsa, or want to go all out and make food from scratch. So go ahead, plan your Bitcoin Super Bowl party. We’ll be right here, ordering hot wings.

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