This Year, Make it a Bitcoin Halloween


As if the recent Bitcoin price isn’t scary enough, Halloween is right around the corner. With it’s orange-colored everything, Halloween is a holiday that’s practically made for celebrating Bitcoin. So with this weekend for prep time, we at Coinmama have rounded up the best ways to make this Halloween a Bitcoin Halloween.

Make it a Bitcoin Halloween!

4 Bitcoin Halloween Costume Ideas

What’s Halloween without a costume? Nothing. Luckily, there are plenty of Bitcoin Halloween costume ideas out there, with a range of creative difficulty from super ambitious to super lazy. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Bitcoin. Yes, BTC is technically virtual, but that big orange B is just begging to be a costume. Here are three ways to dress as a Bitcoin, from hardest to easiest. Cardboard Bitcoin: Get yourself two large pieces of cardboard, they should reach from about your shoulder to your mid-thigh. Cut them into two equally sized circles. Paint them orange, then paint a white Bitcoin B in the center. Punch two holes at the top of each and string a rope through them to create a sandwich board. Tada! Pumpkin Bitcoin: There are a million and a half variations on pumpkin costumes for sale at every costume shop and big box store around. Pick one up, get yourself some orange felt to cover the jack-o’-lantern, and some white felt to cut out in the shape of a B. Sew, glue, or staple the felt as needed. Tada! Last-minute Bitcoin: Grab an orange shirt out of your closet, off your floor, or from your dirty laundry. Cut a B out of a piece of paper and use safety pins to pin it on. You’ve officially put five minutes of work into your costume. Tada!

  2. Bitcoin winter. Is anything scarier than another Bitcoin winter? Nope. Dress up your Bitcoin of choice, above, with a little chilliness by adding a crown of snowflakes and some fake cobwebs to represent frost. Here’s hoping it doesn’t bring about another big freeze.

  3. Blockchain. Want to show your love for cryptocurrency without committing to Bitcoin? Here are two ways to be the Blockchain. Group costume: The people who made this Tetris costume are geniuses. (Geniuses with a lot of time on their hands.) Grab a group of friends and borrow their inspiration, sticking just to the vertical blocks. Chain yourselves together (or, you know, just loosely hold onto a chain so going to the bathroom doesn’t become a nightmare), and you’ve got a blockchain. Couple’s costume: The ole ball and chain has long been a standby of couples’ costumes, but why not change it up and make it a block chain? Tape together two cardboard boxes with a hole cut through the top of one for your head in order to make a block. The other person just wraps a chain around them.

  4. Hard fork. Ok, dressing up as a hard fork in 2019 is a little bit like dressing up as Wonder Woman in 2019… both are so 2017. But still, it’s an easy costume, so we want to include it. Simply wear all gray or silver and fashion yourself a fork-tine hat out of tinfoil. Sure, you’ll need to spend the evening explaining your costume to everyone around you, but at least you’ll be dressed up.

Bitcoin jack-o’-lantern

Pumpkins are orange. Bitcoins are orange. This is what we call a win-win situation. Personally, our jack-o’lanterns have always looked like giant Pinterest fails. But if you’re crafty, carving a Bitcoin B out of a pumpkin shouldn’t be that hard to do. Just make sure to draw it on with a marker first before you start carving. (If you’re crafty, you already knew that of course.) Need some inspiration? Here you go!

Bitcoin cookies

Bitcoin cookies are easy to make. Simply make your favorite Christmas sugar cookie recipe, but decorate with orange and white instead of green and red. You don’t even need a special cookie cutter; any drinking glass will do. The best part is that sugar cookies store well, so you can keep eating them long after the candy from trick-or-treating disappears.

Want to show us how you made it a Bitcoin Halloween? We’d love to see! Send your BTC costume and pumpkin photos to us at

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