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Podcasts are a great way to stay informed regarding crypto. Crypto is one of the most technically-dense and rapidly-changing subjects around, so any good source of information is always in high demand. When this information is presented in an entertaining way, as in the best podcasts, your retention will be greatly improved.

Podcasts are also a very convenient way to absorb information without having to rearrange your schedule. For example, you can listen to a podcast while driving or exercising. Not everyone has the luxury to set aside dedicated timeslots for crypto learning. Unlike text or video, podcasts don’t require your eyes, which makes them easier to combine with other activities.

In this article, we’re going to point out what to look for when choosing a good podcast, and also make some recommendations.

What Qualifies a Podcast as a Good Source of Information?

There are a few qualities you should use to judge whether the information content of a podcast is worth your time:

  • The info must be technically correct. Dig into the information presented and verify that it’s factually accurate. Being misinformed on key technical points can be very costly in crypto.
  • The info should be as unbiased as possible. To some extent, almost everyone involved in crypto is talking their book… but stick to podcasts which put forward views based on sound reasoning and evidence, rather than promotional hype or malicious FUD.
  • The info should be timely and relevant. As the crypto landscape can change suddenly and dramatically, it’s vital to keep up with current events or risk losing out due to missed opportunities or unnoticed threats. That said, the best podcasts will also serve as a filter to prevent information overload by presenting only the most important and actionable info.
  • The info should be suitable to your level of understanding. If you’re new to crypto, listening to high-level talk from experts will demand a lot of attention and likely lead to confusion. If you’re a crypto veteran, then you might not find value in low-level discussion. Search for a podcast which you find educational and stimulating, but not overwhelmingly complex or tediously facile.
  • Although not essential, it’s a bonus if a podcast regularly features interesting guest speakers who conform to the above points. Even the best presenters have biases and blind spots for which the right guests can compensate.

Choose a Podcast which You Find Entertaining

In addition to containing good information, you should listen only to podcasts (or podcast episodes) which you find enjoyable. If the topic, format, or presenter seems dull or irritating, that will certainly impair your ability to concentrate. There are a lot of podcasts out there, so keep searching until you find one that suits your preferences.

Some Great Crypto Podcasts to Check Out:

Hosts: Andreas Antonopoulos, Adam B. Levine, Stephanie Murphy, Jonathan Mohan

Audio Formats: Soundcloud, MP3 download

Complexity: Fairly high-level discussion. Andreas explains complex technical issues in a clear manner

Frequency: A bit more than weekly

One of the oldest and most highly-regarded crypto podcasts, Let’s Talk Bitcoin features well-known crypto expert Andreas Antonopoulos as one of its semi-regular presenters. Occasional guests are interviewed, usually with something important to say.

This show has been running since April of 2013, so at the time of writing (the last day of 2018) there are over 384 episodes covering a huge variety of topics. The show has proven so popular over the years that it’s spawned an entire network. The LTB network contains a further 11 high-quality podcasts, plus a host of blogs.

Host: Peter McCormack

Audio Formats: Soundcloud, MP3 download, iTunes, Youtube, Stitcher, Google Play, and TuneIn

Complexity: Varies depending with guest and subject, generally intermediate to advanced

Frequency: Twice per week

This show is hosted on the LTB network. A spinoff of Peter’s popular blog, it sticks to an interview format. Although it’s only been running since mid-2018, there have been many memorable episodes so far. This is down to Peter’s engaging interview style and ability to arrange interviews with movers and shakers in the crypto industry; from developers to industry leaders.

As the title suggests, the show tends to focus on Bitcoin analysis and events. Recently, Trace Mayer was interviewed regarding his Proof of Keys project, designed to raise awareness of the importance of controlling your own bitcoins.

Host: Trace Mayer

Audio Formats: On-site streaming, Apple Podcasts, Android Podcasts

Complexity: Beginner to intermediate

Frequency: Roughly fortnightly

Speaking of Trace Mayer, he has his own podcast. Trace was recommending Bitcoin as an investment since the 25c and was an early investor in such notable crypto projects as the Armory wallet, BitPay service, and Kraken exchange.

Trace is eloquent and knowledgeable and has interesting and influential guests on his podcast. The show tends not to focus on technical nitty-gritties, but rather considers Bitcoin from more approachable perspectives; such as investment, business, politics, and (Austrian) economics. Trace’s history as an early adopter, industry insider, and occasional Bitcoin activist definitely make him a person worth listening to.

Host: Laura Shin

Audio Formats: On-site streaming, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify

Complexity: Beginner to intermediate; the focus is usually less on tech than business and finance

Frequency: Fortnightly

Laura Shin was a senior editor at well-known financial journal, Forbes. Laura focused on fintech and crypto coverage, fields which provide a lot of material for her excellent podcast. The goal of the podcast is to teach people more about blockchain technology’s potential to change our world.

Laura’s wide knowledge, gained from her career at Forbes, provides many unique insights into the crypto space. Her many contacts from a variety of business, finance, and governance fields – in addition to the usual suspects from the crypto space – make for an interesting variety of interview subjects.

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