Learn the Safest Way to Buy Bitcoins With Just a Few Steps

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After learning about bitcoins, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology many people often ask — What’s the safest way to buy bitcoins? There are various methods available these days that allow people to purchase cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and after learning about this amazing technology figuring out how to purchase the digital asset is the next step on this wonderful journey.

The Safest Way to Buy Bitcoins

So you have learned about cryptocurrencies and the innovative payment system called bitcoin. After some deliberation, many people want to purchase the digital asset to try it out, save some for the future, or use it in their everyday lives. These days finding a place to purchase bitcoins is much easier than the early days when there were only a few brokerage services and exchanges. Now there are lots of avenues for individuals and businesses to obtain the decentralized cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Download a Bitcoin Wallet

The first thing to do is download a cryptocurrency wallet that holds the digital asset bitcoin (BTC). You can download a bitcoin wallet that works with your computer, or mobile phone to store the cryptocurrency and many of them are very secure. After downloading the wallet that you prefer you need to find a receiving address which is a string of numbers and letters required to store BTC and other cryptocurrencies. After finding the wallets address you can simply copy and paste it with your mobile phone or computer.

There Are Multiple Ways Individuals Can Purchase and Sell Bitcoins

Next, you want to find a place to buy bitcoins and like we said above it is not too hard these days. For instance, there are various exchanges, brokerage services, and places where you can purchase bitcoins locally with a person or a bitcoin ATM. You can purchase BTC with all types of currencies, cash, credit cards and other methods of payment. The safest way to purchase from a reputable seller is to research the source diligently and make sure you feel comfortable with the terms of the agreement. Now that you have a wallet and a receiving BTC address buying them is frelatively easy.

Purchasing Cryptocurrencies With Coinmama is Fast and Convenient

One way to purchase BTC effortlessly is with Coinmama as bitcoins can be purchased with a credit card. Lots of people like to purchase their first BTC with a credit card because it is considered a secure method of payment. All you have to do is register an account with Coinmama, and select the amount of bitcoin (BTC) you want to purchase. At Coinmama you can purchase fractions of bitcoins as there are multiple packages offered. Users can purchase BTC packages with roughly 0.02 to 0.5 BTC using our platform and pay in USD, and EUR. People often think you have to buy a whole bitcoin in order to own the digital asset and this is simply not true. Anyone can purchase a fraction of BTC as the cryptocurrency is divisible by eight decimals.

After registering simply choose the number of bitcoins you wish to purchase and choose your method of payment from either a credit or debit card. Fill in the required payment form and follow the instructions on the screen. When the payment is complete and you confirm a bitcoin address we will send you an email to verify everything processed. Once the payment is processed and verified the bitcoins are immediately sent to the address and you can watch the status of your order in the account section. In a matter of minutes using Coinmama’s platform, you’ll be on your way to owning some bitcoin and you can make a recurring purchase too, which some people call the best method of investment — a tactic called Dollar Cost Averaging.

Soon You’ll Be Well on Your Way to Owning Some Bitcoins

Buying bitcoins is pretty simple and the best way to get involved in this revolutionary technology and the future of money as we know it. Always make sure you follow the instructions of your wallet software’s security practices and the instructions given from where you decide to purchase the BTC. Now just think in a matter of moments you’ll be able to purchase your first bitcoins in a safe and secure manner — And you can count on Coinmama to show you the way.

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