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Bitcoin & Ethereum are Halal in Islam

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Last week brought good news for people looking to buy Ethereum, as Muslim scholars declared the coin Halal.

About a year and a half ago, the question of “Is Bitcoin Halal?” was mostly settled. Bitcoin was declared permissible under Sharia Law, assuming it was also permissible in the jurisdiction in question (meaning permissible by the local government), and that it wasn’t being used for activities that aren’t permissible under Muslim law, opening the door for Muslims around the world to buy Bitcoin. The announcement even brought with it a brief spike in the BTC price, causing it to rise by 1000 USD over the course of an hour. So the announcement that Ethereum is Halal is great news for anyone who wants to buy Ethereum.

Is Bitcoin Halal? Why it matters.

The question of whether or not Bitcoin is Halal is not only important to observant Muslims, it’s also one that perplexed the Muslim community for some time. Sharia Law is the set of rules that govern Muslims, and the Sharia courts weigh in on almost everything declaring it either Halal (permissible) or Haram (forbidden). According to Sharia Law, usury—or lending money at unreasonably high-interest rates—is Haram. Similarly, making profits on entirely speculative entities is also Haram. On the other hand, making money through profits on physical entities is permissible. Why that matters when it comes to Bitcoin, is in the coin’s non-physical attributes. Because BTC isn’t a tangible entity, its status as a currency, investment, or otherwise isn’t always clear.

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On the one hand, Bitcoin is very much currency, and it’s used to trade goods. On the other hand, a large majority of people who own BTC, are using it as a speculative investment, hoping it appreciates in value and then selling it at a profit. Which is why Sharia Law has been murky on the subject. If you buy Bitcoin and then sell it at a higher price, thus making a profit, are you breaking Sharia Law? For observant Muslims, knowing whether they are acting in good faith when they buy Bitcoin is crucial.

Is Ethereum Halal?

Ultimately, it was decided last year that Bitcoin is Halal, with the caveats mentioned above. Other cryptocurrencies, which have found less success as real-world currencies and are still mostly speculative, were less lucky. Which is why the fact that Muslim scholars have now decided Ethereum is Halal as well, is great news and opens up the door to Muslims around the world to buy Ethereum, provided doing so is also legal in your country.

How to buy Ethereum

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