How to Shop with Bitcoin

How to Shop with Bitcoin

Bitcoin has spent most of the last week at above $8000, continuing what has been a delightful spring awakening (after, let’s face it, a dreadful winter). For many people, those prices inspire further HODLing—a clue that their long-term investment is paying off, and a reason to hang tight. But for other people, a rise in Bitcoin’s price means a personal boon, a fuller (digital) piggybank, and a reason to treat oneself. If you’re in the latter category and are looking for a little pampering, you have several options for how to shop with Bitcoin. From converting your Bitcoin to cash to hitting stores that accept Bitcoin, we’ll break down the easiest and fastest ways to shop with Bitcoin.

1. Sell your Bitcoin for cash

With much of the world still operating in fiat (that’s government-backed currencies like dollars and pesos, in case you need a refresher), finding stores that accept Bitcoin isn’t always so easy. If you have Bitcoin you want to spend, sometimes the easiest thing to do is to convert it to your local currency. At Coinmama you can currently sell your Bitcoin with payout through a bank transfer to a SEPA bank account. Cash out a fraction of your Bitcoin, get the Euros in your bank account, and book your spa day. You deserve it!

2. Shop in stores using Bitcoin

There’s something extremely satisfying about shopping with Bitcoin using your crypto wallet. And while stores that accept Bitcoin are still in the minority, they do exist. Thanks to sites like, finding those stores just got easier. Simply zoom into your area to find the shops near you that welcome Bitcoin.

3.  Buy with Bitcoin online

Bitcoin is a digital currency, so it makes sense that it would be more widely accepted in the digital sphere. Sites like OverstockNewegg, and Reeds have long accepted Bitcoin, and between them, they most likely have you covered. If you want to get more specific in your searches, Spendabit lets you search by category, giving you all the Bitcoinaccepting results you could dream of.

4. Convert your Bitcoin to gift cards

One more option for shopping with Bitcoin is to buy a gift card to the store of your choice. eGifterand Gyft both accept Bitcoin as payment and sell gift cards to hundreds of stores, from Starbucks to Target and even to travel sites such as Choose the gift card you want, pay with Bitcoin, and get yourself a venti iced caramel macchiato!

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