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Coinmama launches Mamacoin

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Since its foundation in 2013, Coinmama has been at the frontier of the money revolution. Fueled by our mission to simplify cryptocurrency for the masses, we have helped millions around the world gain control of their hard-earned money.

Now, with the launch of Mamacoin (MOM), we’re taking things one step further.

Why MOM?

At Coinmama we believe that, much like our children, crypto is the future. And the ones nurturing the future are Mamas. That’s why we’ve created a coin that will be available to moms only. Mamacoin is a visionary in today’s crypto market, which understands that cryptocurrency’s swings and dips are like our kids: happily playing one minute and throwing a tantrum in the middle of the mall the next. Coinmama is bringing that nurturing and understanding to Mamacoin with a coin that’s intended to become more stable as it grows.

What is the value of MOM?

Its initial market value is estimated as 1 MOM = $12,306 (incidentally, the annual cost of raising a child in the US, according to the USDA)

Is 1 MOM too expensive for you?

Don’t want to buy a full MOM? You can buy babies – they are like BTC’s satoshis, but for MOMs

Where do I store my MOMs?

You can store your MOMs in any supporting wallet, just Google “wallet for MOM” and try to resist visiting any shopping sites.

Or you can store it safely in your diaper bag, knowing no one will be able to find it except you.

What’s the technology behind MOM?

In developing the Mamacoin, we have considered both the Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm that brought Bitcoin into our lives and the efficient but still-controversial Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm. We’ve weighed the pros and cons, and have decided to introduce a new consensus algorithm we call Proof-of-Motherhood (PoM).

How can I get approved to buy MOM?

To get verified for purchase, simply send us a selfie of yourself & your baby, holding your ID, a note with “Coinmama” and today’s date written on it, and your baby’s birth certificate with your name on it.

How can I get my MOM today?

After you’ve been verified by us as a mother, keep an eye on the sky – we’ll be airdropping MOM using storks.

*Mamacoin was our April Fool’s “news,” but check out the very real coins you can purchase through us!

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