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6 Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin Right Now

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Here at Coinmama we’ve been talking a lot lately about why we buy Bitcoin, and how to find the balance between using it as an investment and just plain using it. After all, Bitcoin is first and foremost a currency—one with enormous potential as a border-free unit, as something that empowers the underbanked, and which gives people economic autonomy and freedom. If you’re part of the Coinmama community, you probably don’t need us to toot the crypto horn, but we love doing it anyway!

Buy Bitcoin, spend Bitcoin

With more and more people looking to buy Bitcoin as an investment rather than to use it as a currency, we can’t help but wonder how that will affect crypto adoption in the long run. We believe in HODLing (that is, holding onto crypto for the long haul), but we also believe in a future where cryptocurrency is accepted at stores worldwide. It’s why we’re committed not only to buy crypto, but also to shop with Bitcoin.

When we look at merchants that accept cryptocurrency, a lot of the usual suspects are online retailers that have been around for a while, and have made a name for themselves in the crypto community by accepting Bitcoin. Electronics giant Newegg, retailer of everything Overstock, and flights through CheapAir (not to be confused with CheapOair) are all regulars on lists of crypto-friendly merchants. And they’re great! You really can buy almost anything on Overstock, from a couch to sneakers to an urn for the ashes of your deceased loved ones. (We just learned about that last one now, and we’re not sure how we feel about it.) But there’s no shortage of retailers who let you shop with Bitcoin. With that in mind, we want to celebrate the versatility of global currency by highlighting some of the things you can buy with Bitcoin right now.

6 Things you can buy with Bitcoin online

  1. Wine. It’s summer, it’s hot, and a cold glass of white wine at dusk is the perfect way to unwind. De Wine Spot ships to most US states and has a great selection of wine, whiskey, and spirits at various price points, all of which you can purchase using BTC. If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale, BTC Wine ships worldwide and—as can be inferred by their name—they also proudly accept Bitcoin.

  2. A lake house. If you’re going to drink wine at dusk, it’s preferable to do it near a lake. Better yet, do it from your very own lake house in France. Because, why not? This one can be bought with crypto, and for 18 acres, a lake, and a charming blue door, we think it’s pretty reasonably priced. Sold!

  3. Tickets to Riga, Latvia. We’ve heard great things about Riga, which is quickly becoming the new hipster capital of the world (sorry, Brooklyn), complete with great coffee, live music, and vintage shopping. Latvia’s official airline, Baltic Air, accepts payment by Bitcoin, making it easy for crypto enthusiasts to get there. And if you fly now, you can still enjoy the early sunrises and late sunsets that come with summer.

  4. Lush beauty products. Coinpapa swears by Lush’s Hair Custard for his beard (it really is well-styled), and we love how eco-friendly their products are. So we were especially excited to discover that they accept payment through Bitcoin on their site. Maybe even a little too excited.

  5. Deodorant. Fact: we all want to smell good. Luckily, Schmidts’ selection of natural deodorants and other personal hygiene products makes that goal attainable. Buy online and pay with BTC in order to smell good and help promote the digital currency.

  6. Shoes. Some of the styles at Atheist Shoes have head-scratching names, but there’s no denying they’re beautiful. Are they boots? Are they bowling shoes? Are they casual or dressy? We’re not sure we know the answer, but it doesn’t matter. These handmade leather shoes ship worldwide, and you can buy them online with Bitcoin now.

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