3 Reasons to Love Your Bitcoin Calculator

Bitcoin Calculator

Last month, Coinmama debuted its new Bitcoin calculator, along with an Ethereum price calculator and a cryptocurrency calculator. Together, these products give users the tools they need to make smart decisions when they buy cryptocurrency. How so?

  • The Bitcoin price calculator displays the price of the coin in your own currency, so you don’t have to first convert your currency to dollars or Euro.

  • Our cryptocurrency calculators update every sixty seconds, giving you live results.

  • You can buy crypto directly from our price calculator pages.

Bitcoin Calculator: see the BTC price in your own currency

Knowing the BTC price in your own currency can make all the difference when it comes to making the decision of when it’s best to buy cryptocurrency. After all, if you’re looking to buy Bitcoin in India, yet the price is displayed in USD, you’ll need to then guess if the price you see is based on the strength of the dollar, the Bitcoin, or the Rupee. That’s where the Bitcoin price calculator comes in: seeing the price directly in Rupees gives you a relatable value to compare crypto to. You can then more easily assess the Bitcoin value, comparing it to other items that cost approximately the same, such as a car, a house, or a plane ticket, depending on the BTC price at the time.

Get live results with our cryptocurrency calculator

The Bitcoin price changes fast, and it’s hard to discern a pattern. Some weeks show a relative amount of stability, with changes of only 1,000 USD over the course of a week. Other weeks display a great amount of volatility, and the price can change by 2,000 USD over the course of a few hours. Having live results is the key to making a smart choice, as you don’t want to make the decision to buy cryptocurrency only to discover a 700 USD price discrepancy. Real-time results also let you see how fast BTC is changing at that moment. Is the price remaining steady over a 10 or 15 minute period, or is it rising or falling rapidly? Having that information can help you decide when to buy.

Buy cryptocurrency when you see the price you like

Our Bitcoin price calculator allows you to buy Bitcoin instantly when you see the price you like, without having to leave our site. If you’re already logged into your verified Coinmama account, simply click the “buy” button below the calculator to be redirected to our cryptocurrency packages and place your order. In this way, you can work with speed to ensure the price you see is the price you buy at. This is especially true when you buy Bitcoin with credit card, as we lock the BTC price for 30 minutes on credit and debit card orders. (Note that the prices displayed on our cryptocurrency calculators do not include Coinmama fees.) If you are not logged into your account when looking at the price calculators, clicking the buy button will redirect you to the log-in page first.

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