What was bitcoins starting price?

A single Bitcoin, at the time of its launch, was worth less than one cent! 


One of the earliest and most famous purchases made with Bitcoin occurred between two parties on October 12th, 2009. The trade saw 10,000 Bitcoins exchanged for two pizzas from Papa John’s, making them arguably the most expensive pizzas in history at today’s prices! 


In early 2011, Bitcoin began to gain some serious traction as more people started to take notice of the underlying technology. Bitcoin’s potential as an alternative medium for digital payments and store of value began become apparent leading to an increase in demand for Bitcoin. Soon enough, Bitcoin’s price started to rise rapidly from being worth less than a penny up to around $1 at the beginning of 2011(an increase of over 1,000%).

Ever since then, we’ve seen continuous fluctuations in Bitcoin’s value but, generally speaking, it has managed to maintain a relatively steady upward trend as reflected in the current price!