Stack sats

A ‘sat’ is short for ‘satoshi‘, the smallest denomination of Bitcoin. There are 100 million sats in a Bitcoin. ‘Stacking sats’ refers to the practice of accumulating Bitcoin through constant acquisition, even if it is only small sums, through buying, earning, or mining

The term stacking sats, which began as a meme, has grown into a movement. Podcaster Matt Odell popularised the word, which has since been adopted by Bitcoiners all across the world, including Jack Dorsey. People from all areas of life believe that Bitcoin has value and will appreciate over time, as it has done since its inception. Bitcoiners have their motives for stacking sats, whether it’s to preserve their riches from inflation, invest in digital gold, or opt-out of a financial system governed by commercial and central banks.

Bitcoin is freedom

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