In 2013, someone misspelled the word ‘hold’  on Bitcointalk, and a legend was born.

HODL (or Hold on for Dear Life) has become a rallying cry for Bitcoiners all over the world to prove their ‘strong hands’ and never sell. It usually refers to holding crypto assets for an extended period, even if the market is extremely volatile. Hodl is designed to persuade users not to sell impulsively when a cryptocurrency drops substantially in value or climbs in value to the point where it is highly profitable to sell.

HODL is also an acronym for ‘Hold on for dear life.’ The term is frequently used in bitcoin forums and social media circles, and is particularly beloved by influencers who like to encourage their followers to hodl various crypto coins. 

Crypto’s overall volatility is the most important reason why “hodl” has become such a popular phrase. Many cryptocurrency tokens, even those that appear to be more stable, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have extremely violent market fluctuations. By adopting a HODL philosophy, crypto traders can shut out the market noise and focus on long-term accumulation and wealth-building. 

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