VIDEO: Crypto Market Metrics & Aggregators

24th November 2019

We’re back with part four of our Cointelligence Academy video series, this time covering crypto market metrics & aggregators. 

If you missed the first three installments in our video series, we’ve got you covered in the links below. The cryptocurrency education videos are meant for Bitcoin beginners and experienced investors alike, and break down many of the concepts related to cryptocurrency in a clear and thorough manner. Here’s what we’ve covered so far:


Cryptocurrency education video series

  • Part 1: Background & Intro to Bitcoin. Learn about the history of money, the origins of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto and the Bitcoin whitepaper, understanding Bitcoin and the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • Part 2: Bitcoin Mining & Wallets. We cover the method by which new Bitcoins are generated through mining, understanding how to use a Bitcoin wallet, public and private keys, and the Bitcoin ledger.
  • Part 3: Crypto Market Overview. Dive into the world of altcoins—that is, cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoin—and learn about cryptocurrency markets, the origins of Litecoin, Ethereum, new use cases for the Blockchain, and the ICO craze.


Part 4: Crypto Market Metrics & Aggregators

In Part 4 of the video, we take a second, closer look at how the Bitcoin market works. We’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • The Bitcoin market in comparison to other global markets. How they are similar and how they differ
  • Bitcoin market regulations
  • Cryptocurrency market metrics, including price, volatility, and supply
  • Key market metrics, such as market cap, Bitcoin dominance, and trading volume
  • Market aggregators, including where data on Bitcoin trading comes from


In addition to explaining the above, the video also helps put your new knowledge to use. Start to understand how your knowledge of Bitcoin metrics and aggregators can be used when you buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. And stay tuned for part 5 of the video later this week!

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