VIDEO: Choosing a Bitcoin Wallet

28th November 2019

We’re excited to present the fifth installment of our Cointelligence Academy video series, this time exploring the vast world of Bitcoin wallets. 

Perhaps even more important than having a working knowledge of Bitcoin’s history and the crypto market, is understanding the role of wallets when it comes to buying, holding, and trading cryptocurrency. After all, without a wallet, you can’t buy Bitcoin


Part 5: Choosing a Wallet

Understanding how to properly store your coins is essential to buying cryptocurrency and keeping your investment safe. In this video, we’ll take a look at the following topics:


  • Types of wallets: hardware, software, and paper wallets
  • Choosing the wallet that best suits your needs
  • Private keys, public keys, and wallet safety
  • How to buy Bitcoin


Cryptocurrency Education Videos

If you missed the first four videos in our series, catch up over the long weekend (if you have one), and use them to deepen your knowledge of the currency at the forefront of the financial revolution. 


  • Part 1: Background & Intro to Bitcoin. We take a look at how Bitcoin came to be, starting with the history of money. Learn about Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin whitepaper, and the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • Part 2: Bitcoin Mining & Wallets. How are new Bitcoins generated? We explore Bitcoin mining, and introduce users to the basics of Bitcoin wallets and the Bitcoin ledger.
  • Part 3: Crypto Market Overview. Cryptocurrency isn’t just Bitcoin. We introduce users to altcoins, including Litecoin and Ethereum, and learn about how the cryptocurrency market works. 
  • Part 4: Crypto Market Metrics and Aggregators. Go deeper into the world of crypto markets and understand how they compare to other global markets. What affects the Bitcoin market? What are the key metrics and aggregators?


As always, our Bitcoin education video series is appropriate for new and experienced users alike. Learn the basics, or gain deeper knowledge and become a Bitcoin pro!

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