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Bitcoin's Hottest Updates Nov. 21-28

Опубликовано Coinmama на November 29, 2016

The Bitcoin blockchain rolls on as another productive week has passed. The virtual currency’s price has been pretty stable ranging from US$725-738 this week. As the BTC fiat value has been uneventful, people have been wondering if there will be an uptrend or downtrend within the near future. Technical indicators show there is still a bullish trend with the 100 Simple Moving Average (SMA) and 200 SMA patterns showing a continued upswing. For now, the price remains steady as cryptocurrency community waits for a breakout.

Bitcoin's Hottest Updates Nov. 14-21

Опубликовано Coinmama на November 21, 2016

Bitcoin has had yet another eventful week as the cryptocurrency’s market capitalization had crossed 12 billion USD in value. The digital currency had risen to a high of $755 per BTC over the course of the weekend and the bullish run in trading markets look promising. Bitcoin’s fiat value has been choppy, to say the least with room for various intra-range trading strategies. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts hope the price will continue its upward trend.

Coinmama's Weekly Review Nov. 7th - 14th

Опубликовано Coinmama на November 15, 2016

Another week has passed in the cryptocurrency landscape with many new announcements and activity. The price of Bitcoin has dipped to a low this past weekend dropping to $683 per BTC. This was after the price jumped up to $735 per BTC immediately after the U.S. election. The volatile value has been ideal for intra-range traders offering money to be made in between swings. Bitcoin’s price has settled at press time settling at roughly $700 per BTC after the 5% drop.

Coinmama's Weekly Review Oct. 31st - Nov. 7th

Опубликовано Coinmama на November 07, 2016

This week in the world of cryptocurrency Bitcoin had an eventful price change. The price of the digital currency was feverishly moving upwards at a high of $745 per BTC. However, rumors of Chinese officials curbing the use of Bitcoin due to capital outflows seemingly scared the market. The value of Bitcoin dropped at the same time these reports were published.

Coinmama’s Weekly Review Oct. 24-31

Опубликовано Coinmama на November 03, 2016

The cryptocurrency landscape has been on fire lately with many announcements and the value of Bitcoin rising exponentially. The industry is seeing increased adoption, new software, and a very positive outlook for the future. Let's have a look at this week's most trending moments in the blockchain space.

Lock Up Your Bitcoins, Here Come the Hackers!

Опубликовано Coinmama на August 20, 2016

Over the past few months, the cryptocurrency space has been shaken, not stirred, by a series of high profile hacks. In June, Bitcoin’s biggest rival by market cap, Ethereum, was drained of tens of millions of Dollars’ worth of ETH tokens. On August 2nd, a major Bitcoin exchange was hacked for a grand total of 199,756 BTC - at the time worth around 90 million Dollars. This is how you can make sure your coins are secured...