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Cryptocurrency Markets Skyrocket as Bitcoin and Ethereum Leave Earth's Atmosphere

Опубликовано Coinmama на May 24, 2017

A lot has changed since Coinmama’s last weekly report, as Bitcoin and Ethereum have jumped leaps and bounds like two superheroes blasting through the atmosphere. At the time of writing one bitcoin has an average of $2040 across global exchanges with a whopping $34.1 billion dollar market cap. The smart contract based digital currency Ethereum is now an astounding $170 with a market of $15.6 billion U.S. dollars.

Bitcoin Breaks New Records Again, While Mass Adoption Seems Closer Every Day

Опубликовано Coinmama на May 16, 2017

Another thrilling week has passed us by in within the cryptocurrency economy as bitcoin's price once again touched another all-time high at $1892. The price has subsequently slid to a lower price of $1720 at the time of writing and markets still show an upward trend may continue. Last week Coinmama reported bitcoin’s price was climbing above $1650, so a level correction from a high of close to $1900 down to $1700 is quite healthy showing the rigid strength of bitcoin markets.

The Financial Revolution Begins as Cryptocurrency Markets Soar to Whole New Levels

Опубликовано Coinmama на May 08, 2017

Cryptocurrency markets just wrapped up one of the most eventful weeks in digital currency history as both Bitcoin and Ethereum markets have been soaring. The price per bitcoin (BTC) hit an all-time high of US$1625 across global exchanges, and ether tokens (ETH) also climbed to a high of $100.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Break Global Records as Crypto-Markets Jump in Value

Опубликовано Coinmama на May 01, 2017

Another glorious week has passed in the world of cryptocurrency as global markets are growing more valuable each and every day. This week overall digital asset markets have surpassed US$36 billion dollars in total as billions have been added to the general market capitalization in mere days. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have reached all time highs in price this past week as well as one BTC reached a high of $1370 and one ETH is touched $75 per token.

Cryptocurrency Continues to Prime a Path Towards Decentralization and Financial Independence

Опубликовано Coinmama на April 24, 2017

Worldwide blockchain headlines have been feverish again as bitcoin continues its course making waves in the financial world. This past week bitcoin’s price has climbed to new highs this month reaching US$1270 per BTC on April 20. The second top contender Ethereum has kept steady holding its $4 billion dollar market and trading at $48 per ether at the time of writing. This week a lot of exciting news comes from a few of the “Big Bitcoin Three” countries which include China, India, and Japan.

Exciting developments contribute to the value of Bitcoin and Etherium

Опубликовано Coinmama на April 19, 2017

Global News regarding cryptocurrency leave positive effect on the two dominant currencies - Bitcoin and Etherium. Bitcoin’s price is once again on the move testing the US$1190 range after a slight drop below the $1160 mark earlier this week, while Etherium has touched the US$50 at the time of writing. Dr. Craig Wright, Russia, Microsoft and much more, discover what happened in the land of cryptocurrency this week.