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Bitcoin and Ethereum Markets See a Slight Price Decline But Still the Best Performing Currencies in 2017

Опубликовано Coinmama на July 11, 2017

This week both bitcoin and ethereum’s price has dipped considerably since our last weekly roundup. At the moment the price per BTC is roughly $2325 at the time of writing meanwhile ETH is hovering around $205. Many bitcoin proponents believe the decline in price is attributed to the current deflating alt coin markets that have been losing significant value. Just two weeks ago the entire cryptocurrency market cap was well above $100 billion USD, but now the entire cap has dropped to $84 billion over all of 952 cryptocurrencies in existence.

Crypto-Markets Build Steam as Significant Trade Volume Picks Up in South East Asia

Опубликовано Coinmama на July 03, 2017

The price of bitcoin had a few ups and down this week as the decentralized currency’s value started to heat up on July 2nd. At the moment bitcoin’s price is hovering around the $2500 USD range and has picked up some steam after seeing lower prices within the $2300 territory earlier this week. Ethereum markets have followed the same path as the price per ETH has geared upwards of 5 percent over the last 12 hours with a USD value of $283. Right now both markets are commanding a significant $1.8 billion in trade volume over the past 24 hours showing signals of higher price ahead.

The Cryptocurrency Universe Trucks On As Another Exciting Week of Innovation Continues

Опубликовано Coinmama на June 27, 2017

Bitcoin’s price had a pretty stable run during the beginning of the week coasting along at $2650-2700 and that all changed on June 24 as the price has since dipped 25 percent. The price of one BTC at the time of writing is $2400 USD across most global exchanges. Ethereum markets have also slid downwards as well, and one ETH is currently $260 which is lower than its recent $400 highs losing nearly 35 percent in value. Market observers believe both cryptocurrencies are experiencing a healthy correction after the strong price run-ups over the past few weeks.

The Future of Money Sees Possible Scaling Compromise and Price Bounce

Опубликовано Coinmama на June 20, 2017

After last week’s review, the price of bitcoin dipped to a low of $2250 across global exchanges with many other cryptocurrency markets like Ethereum following suit. Since then both Bitcoin and Ethereum’s value has rebounded once again as BTC is currently $2620 USD and Ethereum is hovering around $370. The overall cryptocurrency market cap is still skyrocketing at a whopping $113 billion dollars worth of digital assets, and over $5 billion in trade volume exchanged daily.

The Bitcoin and Ethereum Phenomenon Continues to Surprise Us All

Опубликовано Coinmama на June 14, 2017

Another exhilarating week has passed in the world of cryptocurrencies, most notably with Bitcoin and Ethereum markets. This past weekend Bitcoin reached and all-time high of $2980 per BTC meanwhile Ethereum surpassed $420 per ETH. Following the weekend markets took a 10 percent downturn, but more trajected upswings in prices are likely to continue. At the moment one BTC is $2760, and one ETH is $390 at the time of writing. These dominating currencies and a slew of others have pushed the overall cryptocurrency valuation above $100 billion in just a matter of months.

Bitcoin Relentlessly Pushes Forward on the Edge to Mass Adoption

Опубликовано Coinmama на June 05, 2017

Last week bitcoin’s price consolidated in the $2250-2300 range and stabilized nicely for roughly 72 hours. Since then bitcoin markets have once again kicked up a notch pushing above the $2550 range. Meanwhile, Ethereum (ETH) also came back steady and had reached an all-time high of $250 per ETH at the time of writing. When it comes to bitcoiners, all eyes are focused on the exponential growth of cryptocurrency markets alongside the thousands of newcomers joining this evolutionary economy every single day.