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Cryptocurrency Continues to Prime a Path Towards Decentralization and Financial Independence

Posté par Coinmama sur April 24, 2017

Worldwide blockchain headlines have been feverish again as bitcoin continues its course making waves in the financial world. This past week bitcoin’s price has climbed to new highs this month reaching US$1270 per BTC on April 20. The second top contender Ethereum has kept steady holding its $4 billion dollar market and trading at $48 per ether at the time of writing. This week a lot of exciting news comes from a few of the “Big Bitcoin Three” countries which include China, India, and Japan.

Exciting developments contribute to the value of Bitcoin and Etherium

Posté par Coinmama sur April 19, 2017

Global News regarding cryptocurrency leave positive effect on the two dominant currencies - Bitcoin and Etherium. Bitcoin’s price is once again on the move testing the US$1190 range after a slight drop below the $1160 mark earlier this week, while Etherium has touched the US$50 at the time of writing. Dr. Craig Wright, Russia, Microsoft and much more, discover what happened in the land of cryptocurrency this week.

Bitcoin’s Trailblazing Success at Becoming Sound Money

Posté par Coinmama sur April 13, 2017

Bitcoin is continuing to trailblaze on its course to be the internet of money. Currently, the price per BTC is coasting along nicely above the US$1200 range after climbing the charts for the past three weeks. Enthusiasm has been high as many within the cryptocurrency community is excited about the current price uptrend. Overall cryptocurrency markets are collectively capturing over $27 billion in capitalization while users are pushing a lot of volume.

Bitcoin’s Journey Towards the Future Without Looking Back

Posté par Coinmama sur April 03, 2017

The first week of April in the land of cryptocurrency has been an eventful one. The price of bitcoin has been on the rise since March 30 and has escalated to the $1,100 USD range on April 2. Prior to the spike, BTC was coasting along relatively stable above the $1,000 mark after last week’s significant dives into the $900s.

Cryptocurrency Market Volumes Surge During Bitcoin’s Wild Week

Posté par Coinmama sur March 28, 2017

Another week has passed in the land of cryptocurrency with many hot topics and feverish moments abound. Bitcoin’s price has taken a slight downturn in the US$980 range over the course of the past week. The Bitcoin community has been laser focused on the scaling debate while different talks of proposals take place. Meanwhile the cryptocurrency Ethereum has reached an all time high.

The Exciting Bitcoin Ride Continues its Path Towards Greatness

Posté par Coinmama sur March 21, 2017

Bitcoin has once again found new price highs. The decentralized currency reached a quick high of US$1350 on the day the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) decided the fate of the Coin exchange traded fund (ETF).