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Buy Bitcoin with Bank Transfer

Want to buy Bitcoin directly from your bank account? Coinmama now offers the option to buy Bitcoin with bank transfer using SEPA (Europe) or SWIFT (worldwide).

Buy BTC with bank account and enjoy higher spending limits and low or no processing fees.

How to buy Bitcoin with Bank Transfer

Coinmama makes it easy to buy BTC with bank transfer. Simply create a Coinmama account, get approved for purchase, and place your order!

How to buy bitcoins
  1. Create your Coinmama account.

    Sign up for a free Coinmama account here, then confirm your email address to get started.

  2. Get verified for purchase.

    Complete your account setup by entering your personal details. You’ll also need to upload a copy of your ID card for added security.

  3. Place your Bitcoin order.

    Choose the amount of Bitcoin you'd like to buy and follow the prompts to enter your Bitcoin wallet address and initiate a SEPA or SWIFT bank transfer. Our step-by-step guide to buying cryptocurrency with bank transfer can be found here.

Why buy Bitcoin with SEPA transfer?

Customers in Europe can buy crypto using SEPA bank transfer and enjoy high spending limits and no processing fees. Place orders of up to 30000 USD at a time, depending on verification level. Unlike credit card orders, SEPA transfers carry no additional processing fee.

Why buy Bitcoin with SWIFT transfer?

SWIFT transfers give customers worldwide the option to buy Bitcoin directly from their bank account, providing higher spending limits and lower processing fees than credit cards. Enjoy daily limits of up to 30000 USD depending on verification level, no processing fees on orders over 1000 USD, and a low flat fee of 20 gbp on orders below 1000 USD.

Please note: SWIFT transfer payments must be made in GBP (Great British Pound).

Maximum Daily Amount Processing Fee Locked Crypto Rate Speed
SEPA bank transfer 30000 USD 0% no 1-2 business days
SWIFT bank transfer 30000 USD 0% on orders above 1000 USD;
20 gbp on orders under 1000 USD
no 1-3 business days
Credit/Debit card 7500 USD 5.00% yes instant

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency, allowing users to send payments without going through a central authority such as the bank. Every transaction is logged on the blockchain, a master ledger of transactions, making it near impossible to tamper with.

Why Coinmama?

Since 2013, Coinmama has made it its mission to simplify the way the world buys cryptocurrency. Join our global community of 1.5 million people in 200 countries, territories, and states and experience our fast, safe, and easy service. We offer:

  • High daily and monthly spending limits
  • Low processing fees
  • Several coins to choose from a dedicated support team
  • A dedicated support team