Crypto Sunday is Coming This Weekend!‎

21st November 2018

The first ever Crypto Sunday event in history is occurring on the 25th of November, 2018. Get your coins ready for what promises to become one of the biggest annual events on the crypto calendar! Loads of special discounts will be available from the world’s top crypto-friendly businesses.

Crypto Sunday

Crypto Sunday for Users

To find great savings and special deals when paying with crypto, check out the websites of the 128 (and rising!) crypto-friendly companies that are taking part this year. These companies range from worldwide names like Microsoft and Dell to home businesses selling niche goods and services. Get great savings and grow the crypto economy at the same time!

If you’re interested in buying crypto, perhaps as a way to take advantage of those hot Crypto Sunday deals, then Coinmama has good news for you…

Great Crypto Sunday Savings at Coinmama!

To kick-start this event, we’re offering up to 100% off our fees on the purchase of any of our supported coins! Get 0% fees on all SEPA bank transfers or a whopping 55% discount on a credit or debit card purchase!

This offer applies to selected packages only and is good from the start of November 25th until just before midnight (Eastern Standard Time).

Want to Get Your Business Involved?

If you run just about any kind of business which accepts crypto, you’re welcome to join in with the Crypto Sunday campaign. To become a part of the festivities, just fill in this application page on the official Crypto Sunday site. We’ll gladly add you to the rapidly growing list and your business will get some free advertising. For best results, be sure to offer your crypto customers a significant discount or special promotional offer to reward their support!

First Came Black Friday…

Everybody loves getting a good deal, especially when times are tough and money is tight. This is certainly the case right now, when both crypto and stock markets are decidedly bearish. The endless quest for savings only takes on more importance with the approach of the festive season; usually considered the most expensive month of the year. Gifts and vacations are a great way to celebrate life and the importance of friends and family, but they can sure take a toll on the pocket book.

The universal appreciation for a good deal is exactly why Black Friday has become such a huge event, ever since it first came about in Philadelphia in the 1950’s. The event has since spread well beyond The City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection to encompass the entire United States, and is well on its way to becoming a fixture across the rest of the world.

Indeed, Black Friday has grown so popular that many retailers have started extending their Black Friday deals across the entire week. Some people speculate that in the years ahead, the entire month of November will be designated as “Black Friday month.”

Black Friday might be increasingly popular but it also has at least one major downside. People love getting those great deals – but sometimes a little too much! If you’ve ever seen the long queues outside brick and mortar outlets before the doors open on Friday, or the crazy brawls in stores holding a sales on particularly needful items, then you’ll understand why many shoppers are reluctant to take part in Black Friday – no matter how good the savings.

Then Came Cyber Monday…

Cyber Monday was launched by American companies in 2005, to showcase the increase relevance of the internet in commerce. It’s been a great success and has grown even more rapidly than Black Friday. In 2017, Cyber Monday promotions took in $1.5 billion more in sales than Black Friday promotions.

It’s not hard to see why Cyber Monday has been such a roaring success. Same great savings, but snagged from the comfort of your home, with no need to camp outside a store or resort to fisticuffs to snag that special item… What’s not to love about Cyber Monday?

Well, there is just one small thing. These days, you can’t really claim the coolness of “cyber” (remember, Cyber Monday was invented back in 2005, in the simpler days back when just surfing on the information superhighway was still considered rad) without also being “cypher.”

Now Crypto Sunday is here at Last!

Online sales without the magic of cryptocurrency? That’s like spending a holiday season without friends and family around… Still good but not great like it should be!

Remember, crypto also allows online merchants to keep the 2 to 3% fee they’d otherwise give away to credit card processors. That’s a significant saving, which can be passed on to customers to attract even more business.

Crypto also allows merchants to get instant access to their money (in crypto or fiat form), without waiting until month-end. This time saving allows businesses to restock fast-selling items more rapidly, which is another great win for shoppers.

Why Crypto Sunday?

By offering special deals and significant discounts for customers paying with cryptocurrency, Crypto Sunday gives anyone with net access a compelling, practical reason to get into crypto. It’s good for the industry and good for customers – not only do they get a good deal but their monetary options are extended by learning about crypto.

The goal of Crypto Sunday isn’t just to save money for customers and businesses; it’s to boost adoption and awareness of crypto as a legit payment method. A lot of people see crypto mainly as a way to get rich, and that’s fine. For crypto to really fulfil its potential as fair global money however, it first has to go mainstream. Initiatives like Crypto Sunday are designed to achieve precisely this goal.

That’s why Coinmama is declaring every fourth Sunday of November to be Crypto Sunday!

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