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30th July 2014

We are proud to announce that we have implemented several improvements to the Coinmama website. Based on ongoing feedback from our users, we decided to apply several changes that make the purchase of Bitcoins a whole lot easier. We want to thank our users for the feedback and want to assure that we appreciate every bit of it. Your feedback helps us keep Coinmama the best place to buy virtual currencies.

Key Updates:
We’ve added a user management system into Coinmama. Now, to use the site and buy Bitcoins, you must be a registered member. This allows you to easily track and update your orders at a later date.
All users can now track their orders through the ‘My Account’ area. This simplifies the order process, and allows you to track new and old orders of Bitcoins and Litecoins on one dashboard. To access your account area go to
Email notifications – we’ve updated and added several email notifications to let you know that your orders are being processed. Depending on the stage of your order, the emails may contain further instructions on how to complete your Bitcoin orders. With this new feature you’ll stay up to date on your exact status!
Auto Expiry – Since the prices for Bitcoins and Litecoins change daily, our policy states that your order must be completed within 24 hours. To avoid users from entering an MTCN # on orders several days after they were initiated, we’ve added an auto expiry feature that disables orders that have been neglected for 24 hours or more. We also send out an email after the first 12 hours, as a reminder that the order must be completed within 24 hours.
In addition to these key changes, we are planning on improving the “Coinmama experience” even further. Future updates include, SSL integration to the user account and the ability to cancel Bitcoins orders from the orders dashboard.

We thank you for the ongoing feedback that we’ve received over the past few months. Every piece of information is noted and taken into account. If you have a fresh idea or noticed something that is missing, please feel free to contact us and let us know 🙂


The Coinmama Team

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