Bitcoin Smashes It’s All-Time High

2nd March 2017

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin’s past week has been tremendous, to say the least. The currency embraced its all-time high reaching levels never seen before. It seems the new regulations in China concerning exchanges within the region are not phasing Bitcoin markets this time around. Mainstream media has also been awfully kind to Bitcoin highlighting the cryptocurrency’s incredible bull run in a friendlier fashion than in the past. It seems Bitcoin as an asset class is becoming a legitimate reality worldwide in the eyes of individuals and investors.

Coinmama’s Week In Review

Poland Wants to Regulate Bitcoin Exchanges

A high up Polish official wants the country’s Ministry of Finance to enforce Bitcoin exchange regulation. According to Polskie Radio, Aleksandra Wiktorow sees significant growth in Bitcoin markets and believes the country should protect consumers from fraud and theft. Wiktorow doesn’t see any definitive regulatory policy aimed at cryptocurrency in Poland and thinks this should change immediately. However, the Polish official doesn’t want the regulations to stifle innovations stunting growth in the country’s fintech arena.

The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Startup IOHK Builds University Network

The startup IOHK led by Jeremy and Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson has started a university network of schools dedicated to studying digital currencies and blockchain. The partnership with The University of Edinburgh and Tokyo Tech is just the beginning of the university network agenda. “IOHK’s partnership with the University of Edinburgh provides unique opportunities for current students to become the next generation of blockchain and cryptography leaders,” explained Wood. “As a headquarter for IOHK’s international academic research community, we expect to see the university facilitate innovative projects that drive how businesses and governments approach blockchain and cryptocurrencies.” The company plans on collaborating with other schools in the near future.

The Blockchain Startup Bloq Acqui-Hires Bitcoin Analytic Firm Skry

The blockchain company Bloq led by Bitcoin Developer Jeff Garzik and Matthew Roszak have just acqui-hired the Skry startup. Garzik told Coindesk during the announcement, “The whole thing behind Bloq is we have a wide stack that is sold together as one unit. And this gives us a real acceleration of the analytics offering… The Skry team and Skry intellectual property and software are really going to give that a jumpstart. We were building out an analytics platform, and this is an additive to that package.” The deal was closed last week, but no other information has been detailed to the public. Skry is a company much like Elliptic and others who use blockchain surveillance software to comb the ledgers transactions for abnormal or illicit behavior.

New Cloudflare Bug Scares Bitcoiners

A newly discovered leak from the company Cloudflare called “Cloudbleed” reveals a bug may have leaked login credentials to many Bitcoin sites. The Cloudflare system has reportedly could have been leaking information like passwords, 2FA secrets and much more over the course of months. Websites that may have been affected are available here and include sites like Kraken, Poloniex, and much more. “I don’t know if this issue was noticed and exploited, but I’m sure other crawlers have collected data and that users have saved or cached content and don’t realize what they have, etc.,” explains Taviso who discovered the bug on February 17. Many concerned bitcoiners believe customers of these sites should change their account credentials as soon as possible.

Russia’s Prime Minister Says Blockchain Could Transform Traditional Markets

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev explained this week that blockchain might impact markets, but so far real world results haven’t come to fruition. “I’m not against the use of [blockchain] technologies that have become widely circulated and which may thus decisively change our lives. It’s quite an interesting story, but so far we do not see results,” says Medvedev’s translated statements. Medvedev seems to be the only one with such negative commentary at the moment as others have slowly changed their views concerning blockchain technology benefits.

The Telecom Firm Sprint is Working With Blockchain

Sprint, the U.S.-based telecom company, is currently researching and developing blockchain with the Japanese bank SoftBank. Sprint is the fourth-largest telecom provider in the United States, and the companies will begin the project this coming summer. “We entered this partnership with SoftBank and TBCASoft as part of our mutual interest to understand the full potential of blockchain to improve carrier-to-carrier interactions and, ultimately, end-user enhancements to further simplify transactions for customers,” explains Sprint’s announcement.


Bitcoin’s week was quite interesting, and it was nice to hit the price milestone on February 23. Bitcoin proponents have been wondering what will happen to the cryptocurrency’s price over the rest of the 2017 year. So far it has been exciting and never a dull moment with almost a whole year of upswing.

Tune in next week as Coinmama crawls the web for the hottest bitcoin topics and stories.

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